Simple wireless problem 2 hours to solve

  ajm 22:45 27 Jan 2006

Was setting up a Netgear DG834 for a friend with 2 wireless laptops. Set up the username and password and the connection was established. BT Broadband was the ISP. Having set similiar setups for many family and friend, was confident that all will be working in half hour

The wireless laptops picked up the SSID but could not connect to the internet. Tried all the usual stuff like ensuring not WEP, channel was 11, SSID seen, etc.

After 2 hours, it finally hit me: the ADSL settings were incorrect for VPI and VCI. It was not set to 0 and 38 respectively.

I am more expereinced now!!!

  ade.h 22:56 27 Jan 2006

I wish Netgear would take a look at the easy way in which Belkin and some others do this. Put in your password, username and not much else. Stuff like VPI/VCI should default to those settings.

  pipedream 16:04 29 Jan 2006

I've set up 6 or so Netgear DG834G's in the last year or so, and username & password is ALL I've ever had to enter. Usually set up within 10 minutes with a normal ISP. On the other hand, it took me 6 hours to sort out a Belkin router recently (although admittedly that was with AOL).

  ajm 16:44 29 Jan 2006

The router was the DG834GT not the DG834G as stated in the previos post. Pipedream, I agree with you as far as username/password is all that needs to be entered. Could be possible that on the DG834GT, the VPI/VCI settings were not set up as default to 0/38.

  pipedream 22:27 29 Jan 2006

Ah, when the 834G first came out I heard the firmware was quite 'buggy' (same with other routers I suppose), but is now very stable. Perhaps the GT still needs to mature a bit.

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