Simple Wireless Home Network

  oliverdore 13:28 19 Jun 2003

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to set up two computers in my house to network wirelessly. Both use XP (one Home and one Pro), and one has access to ADSL using a USB modem.

What is the most efficient (in terms of cost) way to achieve this, in order to be able to access files (on each computer) and internet access from both computers? How much more work would it require to add another computer at a later date?

Thanks for your time (and/or patience!),


  fitshase 14:02 19 Jun 2003

It is extremely easy to do in Windows XP.

All you need to do is to purchase 2 USB wireless adaptors (1 for each computer). Plug them in, let XP install the drivers and then run the network wizard in XP on the machine that is connected to the ADSL.

Follow the wizard all of the way through and you will have a wireless network.

As far as adding another computer at a later date, that will be simple too. Simply purchase another USB wireless adaptor, add it to the new machine and insert the network floppy disk that was created the first time you ran the network wizard.



  oliverdore 14:44 19 Jun 2003

Someone else told me USB wireless adaptors could be used well - is it possible to use PCI cards as well? I understand they would probably be somewhat faster.



  fitshase 15:15 19 Jun 2003

You can use PCI cards but they will not be that much faster (you probably wouldn't notice any difference).

If you are going for the 802.11b standard then the maximum speed is 11Mbps. The 802.11g or 802.11a standards are 54Mbps. Either way, using USB or PCI you will not notice much difference.

The USB route is probably the easiest to set up because you do not have to open your machine.

If you are happy to open your machine then go for the PCI route as it is less clutter.



  oliverdore 15:49 19 Jun 2003

Thanks for your help! That has answered a lot of my questions.


  sergioa 22:19 21 Jun 2003

I have computers with diffrent OS's:
Windows ME and XP.
Would that be a problem to set up a wireless network?

  jazzypop 22:30 21 Jun 2003

No, no problem at all

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