simple wireless connection

  roygbiv 15:30 06 May 2006

Can I connect a laptop (win 2000,) using a PCMCIA card


a (desktop) PC (XP) with a USB network plug

and if so do they have to be the same make?

  Forum Editor 18:31 06 May 2006

what it is you're trying to achieve; why do you want to connect the machines, and what is this PCMCIA card - is it a wireless network adapter?

  roygbiv 19:49 06 May 2006

sorry laptop using a network adptor card (win 2000)

so I can use the laptop in the garden or the shed. I pressume the (main) PC (XP) will be on for it to work?? (I dont mind that).

  mgmcc 23:51 06 May 2006

If you are trying to set up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network in conjunction with "Internet Connection Sharing" in the XP "host" computer, then 'yes' this should work. An "Ad Hoc" wireless network is one in which there is no Wireless Access Point (router) and the two wireless adapters communicate directly with one another.

Each computer needs to have a Wireless Network Adapter installed - PCI or USB for a desktop; PCMCIA or USB for a laptop.

<<< and if so do they have to be the same make? >>>

Using adapters from the same stable is likely to be more reliable.

  roygbiv 20:07 07 May 2006

Ok Thanks

Can a win 2000 and XP connect wirelessly?

Are Linksys products any good?

  mgmcc 23:42 07 May 2006

There shouldn't be a problem setting up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network between 2000 and XP.

<<< Are Linksys products any good? >>>

I have a Linksys router and USB Wireless Network Adapter which work well. The USB adapter isn't a pen type dongle that goes directly into the USB port, it is a separate device about the size of a mouse that connects by normal USB cable. It picks up neighbouring wireless networks which my Belkin adapters (PCI, USB and PCMCIA) don't pick up, so it must be more efficient.

  roygbiv 08:16 21 May 2006


I can get a laptop card cheap (Lyncsys ?) straight away. but I cant find a USB (thingy) of the same make, do I have to have the same "make" (are problems, likley?)

  mgmcc 13:25 21 May 2006

Wireless networking hardware is basically compatible with the 802.11b or 802.11g standards, so using adapters from different manufacturers shouldn't be a problem.

Ideally, using adapters from the same manufacturer should eliminate one possibly weak link in the chain.

  roygbiv 20:03 25 May 2006

3 com USB adaptor (XP)
3 com laptop card (win 2000)

I have read the instructions, and it tells me to insert card when software(CD-ROM) tells me to. The slot for the card is directly under the USB slot that Runs theCD - ROM .

So I can only run the USB or the wireless card, but I need to install the card by software on the CD-Rom (run by USB)...Next step?????

  ade.h 20:28 25 May 2006

"I need to install the card with software..."

Certain PCMCIA cards require this method, such as 3G modems, but we are all very used to seeing claims in manuals that you should install a device with the provided software - USB adapters being a prime example - when clearly the device runs perfectly well with only its driver. You've probably read the oft given advice about USB adapters to that effect, and I think that it may be worth trying to install the PCMCIA card in the same way. Really, you have nothing to loose; if it doesn't work properly, you just uninstall it and start afresh. Win 2000 has sufficient native support for networking and devices that it should be able to handle it with only the driver.

Failing that, download some CD drive emulation software - a trial will do if you can't find freeware - and copy the CD contents to the hard-disk. Then you can run it without the external drive.

  roygbiv 19:46 15 Jul 2006

I am sorry, still havent had time to set this up !!!!

When I do, what happens to the email I get through OE ??. I mean if I click send/rec on OE, on the lappy, what happens on the XP Desktop machine ( is the mail there as well or is it stuck on the Lappy)

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