Simple win2000 questions....

  Dark Knight 16:36 28 Mar 2005

... from a 98se user. (yes know I live in the dark ages.) Friends computer - has issues - long story!

1) How do I get up the list of files that are being started upon bootup. i.e. if I were in 98 I would simply type 'msconfig' into the run box (Yes I have tried this in 2k with no success). Throwing up a lot of messages and taking a long time to boot so was hoping to remove stuff to make things quicker.

2) Again simple - I am assuming the slow log on etc was down to lack of memory. I have a spare 128mb which I would like to put in - if the existing is PC133 and I have PC100 presumably I cannot put both in???

  johnnyrocker 16:40 28 Mar 2005

is there a likelihood of any spyware slowing matters down?


  octal 16:41 28 Mar 2005

I can answer your first question, Windows 2000 doesn't have MSCONFIG like 98, but you can add one, I got this one off of Google: click here

  Dark Knight 16:48 28 Mar 2005

Yes there is a distinct posibility that that is the case! Ad-aware and spybot here we come. There is also the minute possibility of a virus. I am exploring these avenues. I think lack of memory is an issue though. Only running 64megs with win 2000 and 650mhz processor cannot be good! Trying to explore a bit before making the trip to the crucial website.

Octal - Cheers I will have a look.

  Diemmess 17:01 28 Mar 2005

You have 2000 which like you, I was hesitant to try. No regrets wahatever now.

98SE has a fit of the vapours if you feed it more than 512Mb....... W2000 will be so very much faster at 512 though only slightly better at 1Gb. Your CPU is adequate.

BUT .....and I think it is very important......... A few older mobos with more than one slot for RAM will not take two sticks unless they are of identical size, even though they match in speed and other specifications.

I spent ages trying to stabilize a daughter's PC with 2K. It would not boot up reliably, moaning over a variety of blue and black screens about missing, corrupt, and unloadable files.

I had changed for a larger HD and forgotten that I had added a lump of RAM. Only when I took out either the small stick OR the large one did it behave.

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