Simple Question - kbps / Mbps

  FRANKMAC 15:02 21 Jan 2005

Just a quickie, which is the quicket download speeds for broadband connection.
1. 576.0 kbps or 2. 100.0 Mbps

I know the answer should be simple, i just need to confirm that option 2 would be quickest.

Thanks in advance. Mac

  ACOLYTE 15:09 21 Jan 2005

2.1Mbs should be the theoretical maximum but you wont reach that unless you live next door to the exchange lol,1.50 Kbps is this what you get with the 2.1 line? i get 1.41 with a 1.1Mbs line so i thought you would get faster,well you do but i meant more faster,lol.

  FRANKMAC 15:13 21 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE, Sorry i didn't make my question clear.

which is the fastest download speed, 576.0 kbps or 100.0 Mbps ?

  ACOLYTE 15:19 21 Jan 2005

100Mbps i would guess.

  Chezdez 15:28 21 Jan 2005

you won't get a 100Mbps broadband, nor will you get 576Kbps

the 100Mbps that your reffering to is your local area connection, which means that you have a 100Mbps ethernet card installed, and connected to something. is your comp connected to a network of any description?

as for the 576Kbps, thats what your modem will 'connect' at, or at leadt what it claims to connect. you'll actually be on a 512Kbps connection

which is faster matters not, because you won't be able download off the internet with the 100Mbps, only from another computer connected to yours

  Tycho 15:39 21 Jan 2005

I think that there is continuing confusion over transmission speeds.

As I understand it 100kb/s meanes 100kilobits per second. 100kB/s mens 100kilobytes per second which would be a speed some 8 times faster.

If we assume that the capitals follow this convention then 576.0 kbps would give 576,000b/s. and 100.0Mbps would give 100,000,000p/s. getting on for twice as fast. k stands for kilo ie x 1000 M stands for Mega ie x 1,000,000.

I hope tha this helps.


  Diemmess 15:41 21 Jan 2005

If I understand even a little, then 100Mbps = 1000Kbps ???

  FRANKMAC 15:42 21 Jan 2005

Chezdez, thanks for that.

Let me explain why i am confused then. I have BT Broadband connected via usb modem (alcatel) it always connects at 576 kbps, and always get downloads speeds close to that around 520 to 550. No problems with that. My cousin also has BT Broadband he has a different modem (Voyager, he claimed it din't seem to be very fast, so when i went to investigate, it shows his connection speed at 100 Mbps. further investigation into that network connection shows it via an ethernet connection which has totally confused me as i thought that was only for local networks ( I am right ? ) or is it possible to connect to broadband internet via a network card ? Thanks

  FRANKMAC 15:52 21 Jan 2005

Tycho & Diemmess

Thanks, at least I think i understand which is now the the fastest out of the 2. Cheers.

  Tycho 17:50 21 Jan 2005

1Mbps = 1000kbps


  Chezdez 17:56 21 Jan 2005

yes, it possible to connect broadband via ethernet port, mine is

in fact, it is actually quicker through ethernet port than USB

click here

that should help a lot, partculary the pic that i have posted

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