Simple question. Can a virus cause a blue screen?

  giosblue 18:22 04 Nov 2006

Just inviting opinions.

Yes or no answers only please.

Can a virus cause a blue screen?

Thank you to all who reply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 04 Nov 2006


  amonra 19:20 04 Nov 2006


  giosblue 20:26 04 Nov 2006

Ah so fruit bats answer was not definitive then.?

Maybe's not a yes or no though.

I'm just curious, opinions seems to be divided.
Some say yes some say no.. Hope I get more serious response's Just trying to conduct some sort of poll.

  rsinbad 20:43 04 Nov 2006

maybe...your post should be in the speakers corner

  p;3 21:07 04 Nov 2006

are you trying to help someone else with their computer problem( or has your computer got a blue screan) but are not sure of what is going on?

  giosblue 21:22 04 Nov 2006

My sons have had blue screens in the past and only fixed the problem by formatting..

A friend of mine has a problem and he's convinced its virus? I'n not so sure.

He's 80 so unlikely to visted dodgy wedsites?

and has has a virus scanner on his pc.

  postie24 21:38 04 Nov 2006

Sometimes installing new hardware can cause blue sreen.Make sure the drivers are kept updated.However anything from memory to your add-on cards to the motherboard itself could all cause issues here.

  TC 21:53 04 Nov 2006

In my past experiences blue screens are caused by driver, the wrong driver or the lack of a driver, missing link to a driver.

I have had a blue screen and a flash of elongated writing to quick to read, in fact the last time I had this happen, it was a windows component that was missing, some thing to do with the hard drive. I spent ages on the net trying to find out how to get the message to stay up on the screen, which I am sure I did, but can no longer recall.

My son had moved a file from one hard drive to another, I have to assume that file was needed by the operating system.

I fixed the problem by putting the file back to where it was situated before my son moved it. It was in fact a linux file that had been moved, but it still effected windows and produced a blue screen.


  woodchip 21:56 04 Nov 2006

Yes it can, but don't blame a virus just cos you get one

  woodchip 21:59 04 Nov 2006

Memory Conflicts also give blue screens. Get a Message like Windows as shut down to stop Damage or such like

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