simple question about images, I think

  Boy Zone 20:08 07 Feb 2005


I using Dreamweaver MX 2004, but I'm still learning.
What I want is to create a page with small photo images ( a gallery), and when you click onto one of these will take you to another page with the larger photo.
I have put each small photo into a layer,is this best or should I have used tables?
Each image is scaled using Photoshop
small image 150 * 100 pix
large image 500* 300 pix each with a resolution of 200. The problem I'm having is the small images are very fuzzy. I don't want the images too large as I intend to put about 15 or more to my page each about 30K in size.
Am I going about this in the right way?

  slowhand_1000 23:14 07 Feb 2005

Can you not show the larger image at 72dpi (screen res) The resulting image would be smaller in file size (kb's).

For showing thumbnails I prefer to use tables. I find them easy to manage.

As fourm member suggests, check that your thumbnails are displaying at their correct size.

Do the thumbnails look ok when viewed away from the web page?

  Taran 01:20 08 Feb 2005

If you also have Fireworks installed (part of the Macromedia Studio web developing suite) then you can use the automated gallery feature built into Deramweaver and tell Fireworks the dimensions you want your images to be.

If you don't have Fireworks you will have to resort to alternatives. These include resizing all of the images manually or obtaining software that will do much of the work for you.

IrfanView is OK and free click here

It can be used to adjust your images or even create an entire slideshow/gallery which can be used for the web.

But having said that, you mentioned Photoshop, so here we go:

Open up Photoshop.

Select the files or folder you want to use from the file browser.

Click on File, scroll down to Automate and then select Web Photo Gallery.

Follow the prompts and have a play around. Photoshop will create entire web pages for you with automated thumbnails leading to larger images.

You can fool around with the image sizes and all kinds of page formatting.

  Boy Zone 20:25 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for your reply.

I am always amazed at the knowledge within this forum.
When I use photoshop auto as Taran suggested. The small images look great and clear.
I assume that I save these images within my dreamweaver site map. Then link each small image to the page of the larger image
You can guess I am very new to this.
If I use tables how do I adust both table and small images to be one of the same size? Currently I'm having to adjust each image within each table segment.


  Taran 00:49 09 Feb 2005

If you have a play with Photoshop you should find that you can control the size of the images, thumbnails and the actual page layout, from overall theme to colour schemes.

I'm on Photoshop CS and it has far more options than I remember previous versions having. However, the point to remember is that the resulting output can be imported into your Dreamweaver web, if you want to do so.

You could also download the trial version of Macromedia Fireworks. Once installed it will give you the ability to do this:

Open Dreamweaver

Create a new page or open an existing one

Click on Commands (top toolbar) then select Web Photo Album from the drop down options

Follow the prompts.

This creates the photo album using Fireworks and automatically returns the results to your Dreamweaver website.

The Fireworks trial can be downloaded from click here

  Taran 00:54 09 Feb 2005

If you create a folder in your Dreamweaver web and call it gallery, for the sake of argument, you can save the Photoshop automated web gallery output to that folder. Once done, you already have the gallery pages Photoshop creates and all images in a sub-folder - this saves you having to manually transpose your images from one place to another.

  Boy Zone 17:15 11 Feb 2005

Thanks Taran for your reply.

Yes I do have fireworks,though when I click on Commands (top toolbar) the option I have are 1 create shared Paletet 2 select Blank alt tags 3 select alt tags. None of which I understand. I can't see Web Photo Album from the drop down options.
Regarding photo shop CS, yes I can see the automated option, which I have tried and seems to work, only problem being the pages where the larger images are, the images are quite small. Can I adjust these within photo shop to make them larger?
There is so much to learn.


  Taran 00:03 12 Feb 2005

Photoshop has more options than you can shake a stick at. Try playing with the program to see how different selections work, and search the excellent help files for information on how to create a web photo album or image gallery. Full instructions and demonstrations are contained therein.

Fireworks does not have the option to create the web page gallery. That option is in Dreamweaver - if you re-read my post above you will see the following instructions:

Open Dreamweaver

Create a new page or open an existing one

Click on Commands (top toolbar) then select Web Photo Album from the drop down options

Follow the prompts.

Note that you do this from within Dreamweaver and not Fireworks, using the Commands, Web Photo Album option.

This tells Dreamweaver to open up Fireworks for the image processing and Fireworks, when finished, returns its output (the gallery and web pages) back into Dreamweaver for you to edit to your own prefeence. So you create the gallery from within Dreamweaver but it will open Fireworks to do the image processing and handling.

If you get stuck ask again, but the first port of call should be the program help files which for Adobe and Macromedia products are excellent.

  Boy Zone 15:01 12 Feb 2005

I wowuld like to thank Taran for his help.

  Taran 20:24 13 Feb 2005

You're very welcome.

  Taran 18:02 15 Feb 2005

"...One last question. When I created the web gallery, it created an index and HTM folder within the main foldewr eg index.htm and meeting.htm. Do I need to retain the meeting.htm as all links are pointed to the index?..."

I have no clue about a meeting.htm file and can only presume you have specified an unusual filename in creating your gallery.

Assuming you used the Dreamweaver to Firewaorks to Dreamweaver method, one thing you might like to try is this:

Create a folder in your web root folder called gallery (note the lower case folder name - no capital letters or spaces between words allowed).

When you create your gallery you will be asked which folder your images are in and which folder you would like to output the gallery to.

Choose the gallery folder in your web root to send the output to. This creates all the necessary files and folders in one folder of your website and prevents the files produced for your gallery from becoming lost in among the rest of your web files.

A Dreamweaver/Fireworks gallery typically creates three folders called images, pages and thumbnails and a single HTML page called index.htm. Anything else is down to some unusual user input when creating the gallery or an act of God.

Finally, in the future you would be better served by posting questions direct to this forum rather than emailing me.

I don't mind being contacting on invitation where necessary, but the forum is here to answer questions publically - nobody else will benefit from your solutions if they are confined to private email and by asking questions publically you are more likely to find a suitable answer when so many people can read and hopefully answer your question.

Good luck with your galleries !


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