Simple PSU Question

  Dark Knight 11:15 08 Jan 2005

Hi There

I am in the process of planning my new PC that I am, for the first time, going to be building myself.

Having read articles etc I realise that it is import to get a power supply that is at least big enough to power all the components I put in however, is it detrimental to put in a PSU that is far bigger than is needed? i.e. if I put in a 650W power supply but only draw 350W.

Presumably the advantage would be that any further upgrades would be covered if they required more power - but are there any disadvantages i.e. increased noise?

Thanks in advance

  Earthworm 11:22 08 Jan 2005

hi, i have a 450W PSU in my computer running a Pentium 3.4GhZ, 2 DVD's and graphics card with no problem. all i can think is that yours will be ready for future upgrades

  Dark Knight 15:17 08 Jan 2005

So therefore there is no harm in having an overpowered system short of it being 'overkill'?

is quality. not quanity.

A cheap 650w PSU wont put the power down the rail's enough so really isnt worth it. An expensive 350w will have steady rail's and would give you no problems what so ever....

  Grouse ® 16:42 08 Jan 2005

What it says is not allways the full may say "xyz watt" but this is not all the info you want, as mentioned above it is the watts/amps on each voltage rail that you want. +3.3 / +5v and +12v lines, a combined wattage of the + watt lines.

A PFC power supply, allegedly means a smaller energy bill.

Be carefull with stated wattage, it may say 500W but may only deliver 350W on the positive lines!

  GRFT 07:59 09 Jan 2005

Provided the build quality is the same, it doesn't matter if your PSU is over-rated. The system will only draw the power it needs. In fact with some power to spare, the PSU will probably run cooler and be more reliable. The energy bill will hardly be affected.

  Jeffers22 09:39 09 Jan 2005

You mentioned noise in your first post. Yes, unless you go for an expensive "quiet" PSU, noise will increase with the power rating as the fan has to cope with greater heat. A silent (or near so) PSU is a real boon and in my opinion worth every penny if you use the PC a lot.

  GRFT 10:09 12 Jan 2005

For information on PSUs click here

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