simple new graphics card problem?! - PLEASE HELP!

  theDarkness 23:32 18 Jan 2005

Ive installed the XFX Geforce 5900XT graphics card, according to the manual its a simple case of changing the graphics priority from S3 (built in) to AGP (my card) in the BIOS... I've done that, but this is the weird thing....

Games such as Halo will run ok, its just that on a low setting (eg changing the game to 30 frames per sec in its options menu) the game will run even less smoothly when compared to when Vsynch is turned on instead, even though Vsynch doesnt seem to really work (screen still a little flickery, barely noticable). My monitors update is not that brilliant when I move, say, an internet explorer window up and down the screen slowly with the mouse, as an example. Its a very minor issue but Vsynch doesnt work in any programs at all really. Other games, eg Need for Speed Underground, work very fast and fairly smoothly, but around every couple corners or so the screen will hang for 1/3 sec, which is noticable and a little annoying. Ive tried different settings in each game, but for some reason lower resolutions and low frame rates dont solve anything at all.

I've tried out and installed the latest Geforce drivers for my card from the official website, as well as the ones I got on disc in the graphics cards box, but the problem is still there, could this be simply due to the fact that the old S3 drivers are still around and conflicting? This isnt my first time in installing the card, the first time Im sure I did uninstall the built in S3 graphics (dont think I did it last time, I only changed the priority in the Bios).

After I uninstalled the S3 graphics and when it asked for a restart, I selected 'cancel', switched machine off, inserted new graphics card, switched back on, changed priority to AGP in the Bios, and then installed the new drivers for the card in windows. Surely this is the correct method? If I had clicked on restart instead after uninstalling my built in graphics, then they would have automatically installed themselves again in windows, so that wouldnt have done me any good before switching off and putting my new card in? And surely you must uninstall the built in graphics before installing the new graphics card physically?

The last card I tried out was a Radeon, and that didnt have any problems at all with Vsynch, nice and smooth with no pauses, although the 3d graphics werent up to very much with some games even on a low res. Any help would be great in my strange vsynch/pausing graphics probs with my Geforce! Thanks very much if anyone can... Im running a 1600 mhz athlon, VIA motherboard (built in S3 graphics and built in AC97 sound), 80gig hd with windows installed, 160gig hd.

  ACOLYTE 23:38 18 Jan 2005

What refresh rate have you got your monitor set at?as v-sync will try to match that in the game and if it does but is not supposed to go that high then you get pauses and little rips in the picture,you actually dont need v-sync on it doesnt give you a lot if any boost and in some cases actually slows the game down.Is v-sync set to application controlled in the g-card settings?
If it is and the game needs it then it uses it,if it doesnt you may be slowing the game down by turning it on.

  theDarkness 23:54 18 Jan 2005

I always have my monitor at around 60hz in 16bit colour in windows or a game to keep the speed of everything up, if a game lets me change the display in its menu Ill select a low setting, or try everything out until I can get something running well. With the games above Ive tried everything my monitor can put up with (60-75Hz) and selected vsynch on/off but the vertical flickering when moving a windows around in XP, or slight pausing in Need4Speed, are both still there on a low setting.

With my graphics card in windows Ive got everything on application controlled (antialiasing and anisotropic), colour quality on "quality" rather than "performance" and in 16-bit rather than 32, 60hz screen update, 1024 x 768 resolution. Im thinking (yes, its been known :D) it might be a driver or conflict since the picture has the vsynch problems in windows as well as in small applications such as an 8-bit emulator, although I may be wrong. Thanks for the help though

  Irishman 00:30 19 Jan 2005

Control panel-Device manager-VGA (I think, I'm on Linux at the moment) and check if the built in graphics is still enabled. If it is boot up in safe mode and disable it. This worked for me when having problems after installing a graphics card into an old Dell. Might be worth a look.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:40 19 Jan 2005

Make sure you have at Least DirectX9 - DirectX9c

Then go to the site and look for Archived drivers and choose 53.04 install this one and tell us what happens.

Thinking about it, download the drivers while your graphics are still intact in a sensible working state for you to see the web pages ok.

  theDarkness 01:50 19 Jan 2005

I just checked my device manager, it only mentions 'NVidia GeforceFX 5900XT'. When you say "remove the Sis VGA drivers/Sis utility" I take it you just mean make sure its disabled in the Bios? If not im not sure where to look, theres nothing mentioned in the device manager.

PS- I noticed my monitor driver date for my Fujitsi monitor is 2001, could that be the problem? Im not sure how to update a monitor driver though to be sure. Im running the latest directx9, and Ive tried the latest drivers for my geforce off the website (66.93 dated 12/2004) as well as what I got from the graphics cards included cd. I'll get back on using an older driver but Im not sure if geforce actually have any catalogued on their website

Thanks for the help

  theDarkness 03:54 19 Jan 2005

I tried 53.04 but the file from the nvidia site does not install properly

  theDarkness 04:24 19 Jan 2005

just tried 53.04 that works slightly better but the vertical synch problem is still there in windows and software/games- cheers for the help anyway. cant find any drivers at all for my Fujitsu e176 monitor though (for xp)

  theDarkness 17:54 19 Jan 2005

on a slightly different note -on the overall performance of the card than any vertical glitchiness- I noticed I can change the aparchure size (amongst other options) in the bios up to 256mb, although my card is stated as only 128mb..? Is this wise to fiddle around with

  citadel 19:01 19 Jan 2005

changing ap size makes little difference. The forums at may be able to help with your problem.

  theDarkness 19:30 19 Jan 2005

I have 1 gig of ram, so I wasnt sure what to set it at or if it wouldve made a difference.

About the pauses in games or vsynch probs- Ive tried Need4Speed Underground 1 with the lowest resolution and all the fancy effects off, it plays smooth as hell, but still has the pauses at every 2nd or 3rd corner or so in the game... but Im pretty sure its not my low pc spec (1600mhz athlon) but the box states that the game requires alot less? Ive made sure nothing is hogging any ram in the background though too

AARAGGHGHGH!!! I'll work it out eventually- Im going to reinstall windows again and then reinstall my graphics card, and make sure I did uninstall the built in S3 drivers- then use the latest ones for my geforce

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