Simple network question

  Ray5776 19:22 18 Nov 2005

Hello everyone,
I would like to network two home computers, both win2kpro, I have used a crossover cable to connect them. One currently has internet acess and I would like the other one to have as well. These two computers have been networked before doing exactly what I wanted so I know that the hardware is there.
How do I configure the LAN settings on both computers, probably easy if you know but not something I have ever done. I dont want to guess and mess things up.
Can anyone help or tell me of a book I can buy.

Thanks Ray

  Kegger 20:08 18 Nov 2005

Hi Ray5776,
Ok you are half way there already, on the PC that has the Internet connection you have to enable 'Internet connection Sharing' this will allow you to share your connection as long as that PC is switched on. you must ensure that both PC's are in the same workgroup, and if you are using static ip addresses on your NIC (network interface cards) they must be in the same ip address range. post again if you are unclear of anything

  Ray5776 20:39 18 Nov 2005

Thanks Kegger, how do I do this? ie enable "Internet connection Sharing" set the workgroups. You have totally lost me when we get into the static ip address bit.


  Kegger 20:51 18 Nov 2005

if i rememeber correctly on win2k it is in start>all programs>accessories>network connections>internet sharing and then follow the wizard, if not Start and 'help and support' and type 'internet sharing' and it will point you in the right direction..... if you right click on 'My computer'and then select 'properties' and then click 'computer name' tab it will tell you what workgroup you are in... it is imperative that they are both in the same workgroup. we will go onto to using static addresses after you come back that everything is /is not Ok Kegger

  Ray5776 22:17 18 Nov 2005

Hi Kegger, I was doing well, had the workgroups sorted and I think the sharing, but not sure. Secondary comp rebooted and I can no longer access it, I must have booted it twenty times today with no probs, now it wants a password! Thanks for you help so far I will repost when I can get the other one working again.


  Kegger 22:22 18 Nov 2005

Ray, make sure that you sign on to both PC's exactly the same or you have accounts on both PC's with the same username and password remember win2k was disigned for business. Kegger

  Ray5776 22:42 18 Nov 2005

Hi again, OK got them both working now. Please bear with me and do one thing at a time, I now have both
saying "connected" nearly there, what next?


  Kegger 22:50 18 Nov 2005

Ray, can you access the Internet from the second PC? have you allowed Internet connection sharing? can you share a folder on each PC and allow Sharing? have you a printer attached to one PC and allowed sharing so the other PC can see it? be my lst post tonight but will be back tomorrow. if you need further clarification select my nickname and it will send to my email address and i will pick it up tomorrow. Kegger

  Ray5776 23:06 18 Nov 2005

how do I select you nickname, I am new to this but 90 per cent to solving the prob.


  Kegger 17:03 19 Nov 2005

Hi Ray,
back online if you want to carry on. Kegger

  Ray5776 17:52 19 Nov 2005

Hi Kegger, thanks a lot.
Where do we start? both machines have same user name and password. Both have same workgroup name. Local area connection is enabled on both and they both say connected but have different duration times? I cannot share a folder, access the printer or access the net from the second machine so it suggests to me that they are not connected or that it needs some other settings. I am not sure that I set up the internet sharing thing properly.


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