Simple Network Problem (I hope)

  fi-fi-007 10:08 01 Jul 2005

I hope someone can help me with this problem as it is doing my head it.

I had a wired network set up for me and my BF to share our broadband connection (in separate rooms). The BB connection came into a router and then to both PC. It was working fine and we could file share/print etc to each other’s PC’s.

Long story but our BB service is not working and who knows when, if ever, it will be up and running again. BF has a modem in his PC but I do not, so what I thought I would try and do was set up the network so the internet connection from his PC was shared with mine. I could not get this to work through the router (it would still see the PC but would not find the internet connection). I assumed that this might be due to the router so I decided to take that out the network and just connect the PC’s directly to each other.

This is where it gets weird, the cable is plugged into my BF machine and is recognised and then I plug the other end into my PC, it will not recognise the cable is there and says there is no network connection present. If I do it the other way around, starting with my PC first my PC recognises the cable and BF’s doesn’t!! I borrowed another network cable from the office and the exact same thing happened so it is not the cable at fault.

I set up a network for pals in this way a few months ago and I do not remember having any problems, I just connected the PC’s together and they found each other straight away.

We are both running XP Pro if that makes any difference

I admit I know very little about networks but I just can not think what is going wrong….


  recap 10:20 01 Jul 2005

One, is the cable you are using a crossover cable?

Two, have you used the XP Networking wizard to set the machines up?

Three, did you disable the Firewall?

Four, what IP addressing are you using?

  fi-fi-007 10:28 01 Jul 2005

Thanks for the response - hope this helps

One, is the cable you are using a crossover cable?

Err how do I know that?? I bought it from good old PC World and it worked fine between the PC and the router.

Two, have you used the XP Networking wizard to set the machines up?

Yes I used the network wizard to set up the machines when going through the router but this did not work when I was having the problem with it not recognising the network cable as it would not run due to it saying there was no network.

Three, did you disable the Firewall?


Four, what IP addressing are you using?



  recap 11:52 01 Jul 2005

click here for a diagram on what a crossover cable looks like.

I would first make sure the cable is a crossover then run the network wizard again as i think the config would now be different.

  John-259217 12:17 01 Jul 2005

If the cable has clear plastic plugs you can check it by holding them side by side (and the same way up).

If the colours of the wires are in identical order it`s an ordinary patch cable, likely if it worked with a router.

If some colours, normally greens and oranges, are in different places it`s a crossover.

If you have a Maplin near you they do a converter which plugs on the end of a normal patch cable to create a crossover.

  fi-fi-007 12:40 01 Jul 2005

I will check the plugs when I get home, there is a Maplins just down the road so I will go there if needbe.

  BigMoFoT 13:30 01 Jul 2005

Has said that using the router she could still see the other PC - that means to me that the router is fine and it is a problem with your net connection/ISP.

On your BF PC you need to set internet connection sharing on the modem connection. In network connections in the control panel right click on the modem connection, choose properties go to advanced and put a tick in internet connection sharing. Now on your PC run the network setup wizard and tell the wizard that the internet is provided by another PC on your network. Forget Maplin! You don't need to spend any money - FYI most network ports today especially gigabit ones do not need a cross over cable - they will work with a patch.

  fi-fi-007 15:29 01 Jul 2005

I checked at lunchtime and the cable I am trying to use is a patch cable so I will try and get an adaptor on my way home. I could not see it on the maplins website but I assume the guys in the shop will be able to help me???

  fi-fi-007 15:41 01 Jul 2005

i have had another look, is this what I am after??

click here

Item no A22BA


  01chris 16:50 01 Jul 2005

you used to connect to the router is not a crossover cable,(i am 99% sure of that becasue i cant use crossover to connect to my friends router). Crossover cable click here is what you need.

It works for me!

  John-259217 18:37 01 Jul 2005

Sorry I missed your post, I was out this afternoon.

That adapter is what I had in mind , it would join the two PC`s by connecting the two cables you normally plug into the router. An alternative also on the linked page plugs into the pc before the cable. Either way creates a crossover connection.

However BigMoFoT suggests you may be able to do without a crossover and rely on a patch cable if your systems have modern network ports.

I must admit I haven`t heard that before and he may well be right, though from the description in your original post your computers would appear to disagree.

Your router is set to tell the computers that the internet conection is available at the address of the router - this is why you can see his PC but not the shared internet connection.

Some routers can be changed to point internet traffic to a different address - some are fixed it depends on what you have.

As I have access to several systems I`m going to try a patch cable between to gigabit ethernet ports out of interest - I`ll let you know what happens.

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