Simple games freezing and usinng 100% of CPU

  smy13 10:51 10 Feb 2005

I have a problem running card games on my PC. In the end I removed the spider solitaire that comes with XP) and downloaded a commercial piece of software however the same thing keeps happening. The game will play for about 10-20 mins then freeze at which time it’s using 100% of my CPU. I end up having to reboot to sort the issue out At first I thought it was connected with my virus software receiving downloads at the same time I was playing but this has proved not to be the case. I updated the drivers for my Video card about a month ago and am wondering does this have something to do with the issue; however I don’t have issues running games such as LOTR the battle of middle earth.

These are the details of my video adapter
Video Adapter
Model: RADEON 9100 IGP
Chipset: RADEON 9100 IGP AGP (0x5834)
RAMDAC: Internal DAC (350MHz)
Video BIOS: BK-ATI VER008.012.036.000
VGA Compatible: No
Total Memory: 64MB (63MB Video) (118MB System)
Texture Memory: 181MB
Supports DIME Texturing: Yes

I’ve also read that the issue might be a corrupt entry in my registry, I’ve seen a piece of freeware that helps fix Registry issues called Error Nuker click here
Does anyone no if this is any use, as I don’t want to start playing around with things I’m not sure of.
I’m running
XP home
2.5 GHz Pentium 4
120 GB HDD
512mb ram
Any advice would be welcome


I've running complete virus scans with MCafee Virus scan 9 plus spyware scans with Spybot, AdWare, a2, and microsofts Beta spyware program all report nuffing!!

  paddy75 12:42 10 Feb 2005

how much total memory?paddy

  paddy75 12:57 10 Feb 2005

Sorry the last bit of your message didn't show up first time.Paddy

  smy13 15:20 10 Feb 2005


  smy13 22:40 10 Feb 2005


  smy13 20:13 13 Feb 2005

Since this was posted I’ve deleted the game in question from my system (spider Solitaire) and re installed a fresh set of files from another PC hoping that this would solve the problem, but it hasn’t done the trick, After 20 mins of playing my PC hangs and CPU usage again goes up to 100% however this time round I did manage to get task manger up and saw the process Winlogon.exe was using 99% of my system resource. Now I don't know if this is a cause of the problem or just happened because I had to hit Ctrl+ Alt + De,l as I've read this key sequence activates the winlogon.exe process. Is it worth me renaming the winlogon.exe as .old and copying the fresh copy on to my PC from another PC running the same system

Any advice would be welcome

  fuzzyone 20:19 13 Feb 2005


click here

advise to download adaware, spybot and spywareblaster, update each, and run them in that order.

  smy13 21:28 13 Feb 2005

tried that but nothing found also tried the MS beta spyware programme

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