Simple form to email box

  holligan 21:07 22 Jan 2004

Simple for you mabye

I want NAME

Is it hard for a novice like me to do, and what do i do.

ive tried the ones on web, but dont understand them.
matts scrips i saw FE say was ok but i dont get it

  Taran 09:42 23 Jan 2004

Who is your web host, what level of hosting account do you have with them and do they allow you to run your own CGI or PHP scripts ?

Perhaps they offer you their own CGI mailer, since most web hosts seem to these days.

Have you looked at the NetObjects services you get for free as a registered user ?

They offer page hit counters, form to email, online polls and so on for certain versions of NOF.

If you are really struggling email me.

Setting up the FormMail script seems far harder to most people than it actually is. I think many people stare a large block of Perl code in the face and come to the rapid conclusion that they can't do it. It's a shame reaaly, because in most cases, all you need to do is change three or four lines of the script with your own and your hosts details and add the relevant hidden form fields onto your web form and that's it.

There's a rough guide to using the FormMail script with NetObjects click here


If you are totally bogged down I'll walk you through it.

  Taran 09:44 23 Jan 2004

Oh, and you will need more than Name, Question, Send.

At the very least you will need the senders email address included, or you have nobody to reply to, so now you're up to Name, Email address, Questions, Send.


  holligan 15:44 23 Jan 2004

about the scrips as its freespace a have.

the free stuff from nof it says i have to pay

i got the free version of nof if that makes any difference.

i let you no in the week

cheers taran

  holligan 17:23 23 Jan 2004

i just rang them, stare at pearl code i stare writing on here haha

cheers i will read the nof again but sure i have to pay

i dont understand much on there. i just press the buttons you told me about

  Taran 19:43 23 Jan 2004

How about this ?

You can create a simple hyperlink that will open up your site visitors email program and will fill in the subject line of the email for them.

That way, when they send it to you, you get their return email address anyway, they type in whatever questions they want to ask and the subject line is always the same so you can recognise that is has originated from their site.

In NetObjects type the words Email Me where you want a link to appear. Highlight those words [left click and hold the left mouse button down while you drag the cursor over the words] and they should have a black background to show that you selected them.

Click once on the Link button.

Where it says Link type: choose External Link from the drop down menu.

Now, just below where you selected External Link, where it says New Link: choose mailto: from the drop down menu.

Just to the right of the mailto: entry, copy and paste this in:

myemailaddress?subject=Website Feedback

Change where it says myemailaddress to whatever your email address is.

Click on Save, then on Link.

Make sure you leave the

?subject=Website Feedback

bit alone.

You can change the words Website Feedback to anything you like, but the link has to be your email address, question mark, equals sign then the subject line of the email.

Now, if you publish that page, whoever clicks the hyperlink to contact you will send an email to the email address you put in the hyperlink and the subject line will read Website Feedback, or whatever you put in the ?subject= part of the link.

It's about the only way I can think of offhand where you can control the emails sent to you from the site without using a form.


  Forum Editor 23:24 23 Jan 2004

correctly - it generates a blank email addressed to you.

It's not a good idea to publish your email address in the forum - even indirectly, so I've removed you last post.

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