simple cctv setup

  Ray5776 19:34 02 Nov 2005

Hello everyone,
What I would like to do is instal a small camera in my covered porchway so that when someone rings the bell I can press a key on my computer which is situated upstairs and see who is there. It would need to work when dark and can be hard wired or remote, I would think this is very easy for someone who knows but I have no idea how to do this i.e.
what hardware/software etc. Any suggestions most wellcome.


  woodchip 19:42 02 Nov 2005

You can get wireless cameras but battery's I would think will not work long. But you have to take into account that you are not making a movie so it would not be on long. You can buy cameras at several point on high st. Then if you have problems with it you can take it back

  Xzrox 19:44 02 Nov 2005

ConquerCam is a neat program [click here]. It stays in the system tray so you just click on it to display the camera image. A lot of web cameras who come bundled with software. It's just I know ConquerCam is good at displaying whatever the camera sees, and you can get it to do a lot with the feed from the camera, such as output it via ftp somewhere.

  Xzrox 19:45 02 Nov 2005

And pick up any cheak web cam really, even if it comes bundled with dreadful software since ConquerCam will handle it.

  Xzrox 19:52 02 Nov 2005

Oh, you would be surprised, my friend! I got a 2 for 1 deal at Argos some time back with what I thought would be two of the cheapest cams around, but their performance is shockingly good for what I paid for them. Look, I'm not here to provide a full solution, Bela, but as you highlight, he does Ray does mention his porchway is covered. Perhaps he could fit a light or something if it's _really_ dark. :-/ We're here to enlighten, not to dictate.

  g0nvs 19:53 02 Nov 2005

Got my CCTV camera's from Maplin's.

  Ray5776 20:23 02 Nov 2005

Thanks for your fast responses, I have a light in the porch and have just ordered a PIR detector, if I can wire that to switch on the camera at the same time as the light it will solve the lighting and battery issues. My main concern is how to physically connect the camera to the PC. ConquerCam sounds good software and is cheap. What port should I use the connect the camera will USB do or is it more complex.


  Ray5776 20:36 02 Nov 2005

Hi BeLa,
I am not sure whether that was a question or an answer. Do you think it will work or not.


  Ray5776 20:55 02 Nov 2005

Hi Woodchip,
seen you on this site before, I
trust you,I may seem stupid but does the hardware i.e the camera come with the appropriate software, cabling and instructions or does it assume that I know what to do. I was thinking of Maplin or Argos
they both do good deals. All I need to know is how to wire the thing up so that it works.


  Xzrox 20:56 02 Nov 2005

The interface on most web cameras is USB so, with a few extension cables, you should be able to get it to reach your computer. The camera should be powered off your computer, i.e. through the USB.

  Ray5776 21:56 02 Nov 2005

Thanks Xzrox,
Now that it is a USB connection this should be easy, office is above porch so standard 5 mtr cable
will do. Thanks to everyone for their help. I though I had closed. Will do now.

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