Is this a simple case of needing a new psu?...

  theDarkness 21:34 14 Feb 2011

I switched the desktop system on tonight, and 10 seconds after my system fully booted up, I was in shock-as it then switched off! As always after a normal switch off, the computer fans came on to automatically cool it down. Now, if I attempt to switch on, after 3 seconds of hitting that power button (on the machine) it now always turns off - but the fans/lights for those 3 seconds DO switch on and turn.

So is this likely to be a simple case of needing to now replace my psu with a brand new one of a similar type-would you say 6+ yrs is good for a psu? My suspect psu is an Enermax EG495AXVE(W), which I needed in the mid 2000's to replace the one that was given with the machine - as after many updates and the installation of new cards, the original simply wasnt powerful enough to support my system. Although the psu is from the mid 2000s, The actual desktop system was bought around 2001/2002, so its definately aging all the same.

Im wondering if theres any possibility that the reason my system may not switch on, could be caused by anything else? Unfortunately I dont have another desktop in order to test the psu at the moment, just a couple of vista laptops. Thanks for any help or suggestions :)

  woodchip 21:43 14 Feb 2011

Try booting with the Hard Drive Disconnected, see if you can get into BIOS and it keep running

  theDarkness 22:40 14 Feb 2011

thats a good point! I must be half asleep, lol, thanks. Ive now tried testing the system with all hard drives completely disconnected. Ive also double checked all connections to make sure everything is solid, and also tried booting up with just the hd power cables disconnected/connected (you never know, lol).

In all cases, its the same as before. I was over stating the result in my first post, I get around one second of power which seems solid enough, but after that everything switches off. Im guessing the seemingly natural bootup (even if just for one second) is related to how the fans are now switching off - its just the natural result of using up the result of what power comes through that mains for a split second?

If yourself (or anyone else) has ever had a power supply give up, does what Ive posted sound normal? Can the switch on of a bad psu result differ much, or will they usually give the same as what ive stated so far?

  theDarkness 23:20 14 Feb 2011

ps unless I can find another system to try out the same psu (thats possibly gone bust on the system above), Im can now only try out a new one to see if that will truly fix the matter.. There is a PC World at the bottom of the road here, so Im hoping they will at least have a reasonable selection of brands on offer. Heres hoping! Can anyone recommend a brand? If 5+ yrs is good for a cpu, then Im guessing that most people on here will simply tell me to buy another psu of the exact same brand/model via the net, since its lasted me so long? Some people on overclockers recommend Antec and Sparkle click here

  HWJC 02:49 15 Feb 2011

That link is to a thread from 2002! ;)

click here for their recommended PSU thread - lasted updated 11/11/10. I doubt anyone could contradict them - the only question being whether their recommendations are available in the UK.

  HWJC 03:05 15 Feb 2011

Further useful info on PSUs from hardware Secrets website (probably overkill)
click here
click here
click here
click here

  woodchip 08:53 15 Feb 2011

Check CPU heat exchanger is not blocked with muck. As CPU will have been working on loading the System and may be overheating, making the CPU to self protect by shutting down

  theDarkness 08:55 15 Feb 2011

yep thats overkill ;) but alot better than underkill :) thanks for the links!

The system with the given up psu has the usual agp graphics and pci audio, broadband, and connectivity cards, the usual as you'd prob expect, and was used regularly. The bad psu had a possible max output of 580W dc, so Im thinking anything just below the 600W mark should be sufficient from that overclockers link? - if so then its a choice of either the Seasonic X-560 560W or the Seasonic X-400 Fanless 400W... if I could find one in the uk, itd definately be the 560W. I dont think id trust any fanless psu, since thats fairly rare to come across :O but perhaps thats just me panicking. I should probably be looking through my pc advisor back issues (although not too far back) for psu recommendations too

  theDarkness 22:32 15 Feb 2011

sorry to bump this one - it started switching off for no reason the other night, and im now not 100% on whether the psu needs replacing or not, as although ive not had the system on since this morning - after switching on now and disconnecting the main hd, I am now able to enter the bios menu?! Its been on for half an hr now, and unlike windows, theres no auto switch off. Im not sure how long I should stay in the bios-if the system doesnt overheat and remains stable there, yet constantly switches off only when the main hd is connected, what could that suggest is wrong?

The hd itself is nowhere near as old as the system itself, a 200GB. I have also checked the system physically and there is nothing I can see that may be clogged up with dirt/dust. ps - if it really did have a safety 'auto switch off' mode for overheating or other issues in windows (if that was the case), would this safety feature also be likely to be available in the bios menu?

thanks for any info if possible

  HWJC 04:25 16 Feb 2011

I can't answer your question and don't want to come across as an expert because I'm definitely not, but at Ebuyer the lowest cost\highest rated PSU from their recommended list is the Antec Earthwatts 650W click here Any good?

Also worth noting that the OC site says it actively avoids what it calls "mainstream" CPUs under 600W, so this all may be overkill (apart from the ones they say to avoid, I guess)

  HWJC 04:26 16 Feb 2011

Obviously I meant PSUs, not CPUs ... durr...

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