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  Chrissib 21:23 05 Jul 2009

Hi, having lost my rank and multiplayer details a number of times, I am trying to write a batch file to copy the player data to a backup directory, but each time I try, I get an error, either file not found or invalid number of parameters...

I am writing a batch file to use 'xcopy', with source directory 'c:\path\players' to destination 'c:\path\backup\players'

expecting all files in the source 'players' directory to be written to the 'backup\players' directory. But when I run the batch file, I get the errors above.

Can anyone suggest the correct syntax please.

  Eric10 21:59 05 Jul 2009

xcopy c:\path\players\*.* c:\path\backup\players /Y

The /Y switch overwrites files in the destination folder without prompting for permission.

If there are spaces in either of the paths you may need to enclose them in quotes:

xcopy "c:\path to folder\players\*.*" "c:\path to folder\backup\players" /Y

  robin_x 02:45 06 Jul 2009

For any old "DOS" command /? lists syntax, switches and parameters.

eg xcopy /?

My XP Home and I suspect all later OS do not support some of my old favourites or support for some switches is removed.

I found there seem to be lots of 3rd party utils to help out though.

Just found "xxcopy" via Google. Havent worked out what I might need it for yet though.

  DieSse 13:07 06 Jul 2009

"Haven't worked out what I might need it for yet though."

xxcopy is a replacement for xcopy - but it doesn't suffer from a fatal flaw that's in xcopy under certain circumstances. See the xxcopy site for a description of the flaw.

With xcopy, always use the /E switch if there are subdirectories that may need to be copied too.

  Chrissib 13:23 06 Jul 2009

Thanks for the responses. The filepath up to the 'players' directory is very long, but there are sub directories after the 'players directory, that I want to include.

eg. C:\~~~\players\profiles\mods\old.... with files in some of them. will the command copy, and keep all the sub-directories identical?

  Rigga 13:47 06 Jul 2009

Use /Y and /E switches.


  Chrissib 14:53 06 Jul 2009


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