russmini 23:11 04 Dec 2004

Ok after getting processor sorted ! next teaser for you guys. Seems after running everest i can use either, i have four slots of simm (72 pin) and two of dimm (168 pin). i can have a max of 256mhz. So which one is best ?

(don't worry what i have now)


  hugh-265156 00:23 05 Dec 2004

click here and use the wizard to find the best ram for your computer.

click here click here for more info

  hugh-265156 00:27 05 Dec 2004

sorry. sdram dimm if thats all your mobo supports.

  russmini 18:44 05 Dec 2004

Thanks huggyg71. Ok so go for SDRAM, getting a bit confused though, first off is it best to go for 1 256mb or 2 128mb ? Second PC100, PC133, PC? how do i know what to buy ? every where i look belarc, everest, crucial, intel, etc does not tell me. please help.


  Eric10 21:09 05 Dec 2004

Is this your motherboard? click here

  russmini 21:25 05 Dec 2004

Not 100% sure, looks about right, It is a P C Partner I430 TX. Same ? Not sure. Any help ?

  Eric10 22:24 05 Dec 2004

Try this then click here

  russmini 23:21 05 Dec 2004

Yes... think so. Actually i downloaded this earlier today but now you have said it as well i read it properly this time !!! Thankyou.
So this meens i can get PC66 ? and no higher, ? Yes ? One day hopefully i will know a little more and won't have to ask all these silly dumb questions. Thankyou..

  Eric10 20:11 06 Dec 2004

Looking at the manual it appears that your motherboard doesn't need anything faster than PC66 although PC100 is backward compatible so would work okay. You wouldn't get any speed benefit though as it would only run at the BUS speed of 66MHz. It's just that PC100 may be easier to find and cheaper. It also appears that each DIMM slot will only support 128MB of memory so buy two 128MB DIMMs as it's almost certain that a single 256MB stick won't be recognised.

  russmini 21:52 06 Dec 2004

You are an absolute star !!!
I will now go off and look on Ebay to see what i can find.


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