Sim City 3000

  faichfolds 00:08 08 Feb 2003

I've come to reinstall my copy, but I've lost the case which has the serial no.
Can anyone help

  Pilch.... 00:12 08 Feb 2003

well there are ways of finding the serial for games like these....

is it format then re-install because if so you may be in troule. But if it is just just fresh re-install when you have got rid of it before, you may be able to go to the registry and find the serial you used before.

Let me know a bit more and i and many others could help!

  faichfolds 00:15 08 Feb 2003

Have just installed XP. Intended to be dual boot with 98SE but it didn't let me do another partition, so it will be a clean install onto XP

  faichfolds 00:57 08 Feb 2003


  Pilch.... 09:09 08 Feb 2003

sorry went to bedto get ready for work......


on the CD there is probably a way of finding a serial number that will allow you to prove to EA that you own a legitimate copy. Then to ring up EA and say you have lost the serial can you please give me a new one!

  faichfolds 14:20 08 Feb 2003

I'll give them a ring thanks alot

  faichfolds 20:19 10 Feb 2003

Well blow me down I've just gone and found the darn box!
After going through the rigmarol of emailing EA a photo of the CD. Nevermind now I have a spare serial number!
BIG thanks to those who helped

  Acid Burn7uk 22:57 10 Feb 2003

Quick suggestion, write the CD-Key on bits of paper and hide them all over the house, If you loose the bits of paper it won't matter cos after a few weeks you will prob remember it! I had to do that with my CD-Key for win2k :-)

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