is this silver thermal paste good?

  BeForU 20:55 19 Jun 2003

hello! im thinking of getting this click here sliver thermal compound to replace my existing thermal paste so that my cpu tempreture can be lowered! i read alot about sliver compound so thats why i want to get some! i just want to know is this one good enough or are there better ones, preferbaly around the same price as well! also what will i need to wipe of my current thermal paste on the bottom of the heatsink and on the cpu chip! nd is silver compound permanent as well cause just incase it goes wrong i can take it off!

  -pops- 21:12 19 Jun 2003

Thermal paste is not a panacea for all ills and replacing your current paste with another carries with it the risk of not fitting either the paste or the reassembly correctly. If that happens, it won't matter very much whether the silver paste is better or not.

Temperature reductions are most likely better achieved by judicious position, spacing and direction of flow of cooling fans. The norm is to have air intake at the bottom front of the case flowing over HDDs, if appropriate, and hot air exhaust at top rear near the CPU and its associated cooling system.


  AMD_MAN23 21:35 19 Jun 2003

Silver thermal paste is better than the average stuff by about 5 degrees but it does not need masses of paste only a tiny amount, People seem to cake there cpu in heat transfer paste thinking it will cool better but all they are doing is adding another surface for the heat to pass through it only needs to be enough to fill in the tiny impurity gaps in the Heatsink so you have a more flush fit, there is a thing called "lapping" you can do to your heatsink this involves very fine grain sandpaper and is a bit more advanced but there are loads of tutorials for it online.


  dirtyh 21:44 19 Jun 2003

its ok for 1 or 2 degree drop but i find the best thing is a decent heatsink and fan,i use a sanyo denki fan which runs my xp 2500 at 43c.

click here

i put this on the coolermaster heatpipe silent type,which is not reccomended above xp2ghz,but drops temp by 8 degree's c.

  BeForU 22:01 19 Jun 2003

i just like to add that i already have some fans inside my case! 2 blowing in from the front and 2 sucking out from the back plus a dual fan psu that sucks air out as well and a pci exhaust fan! althought my system temprature runs at 30C which is good enough, im just very worried with my cpu temp because it runs at 55C idle!! this is not playing any games and stuff as well! so this is the reason why im asking if silver paste is a good idea!

  hugh-265156 23:52 19 Jun 2003

this is supposed to be the best click here for a guide to applying.

i have never used it myself but have used coolermaster ptk paste and it was a nightmare to spread thinly as is very thick,.click here

  clayton 07:34 20 Jun 2003

Forget the cpu paste get one of these

click here

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