Silly Question really...

  babybell 15:17 17 Oct 2005

This may seem like a daft question but is it possible for a PC that is not switched on to be infected with a virus. The reason i ask is that someone in work has just come back from a vacation in Florida and on his return, turned on his pc to find a message from AVG saying a virus was detected, according to the software the virus was downloaded on the 10th but this was a week into his holiday. The computer is connected via BB but obviously there was no power running to the machine. Am i right in thinking there must be another reason?

  CurlyWhirly 15:34 17 Oct 2005

I would personally say it is impossible as if the PC wasn't switched on then there would be no internet connection to transmit this virus!

  DieSse 15:36 17 Oct 2005

"This may seem like a daft question but is it possible for a PC that is not switched on to be infected with a virus."

It absolutely cannot be infected when switched off.

What can happen after returning from a time away, is that the AV defintions will be out of date - and a new virus can *sneak in* before the update on the AV is done - especially if the forst thing one does is check email.

That's another reason that I trust NOD32 so much - it checks for updates on system switch-on - and every hour when running - so the chances of a virus sneaking in are virtually zero. Since it also guards against unknown viruses with exemplary heuristic checks too - that makes it even more unlikely than virtually zero :-)) click here

  wee eddie 16:17 17 Oct 2005

I cannot remember when ones Anti-virus Supplier notified you of an infection by e-mail.

I smell a rat.

In the latter part of the e-mail, was there a suggestion to download a fix or something to deal with the aforesaid virus.

I am assuming that AVG "was" his Anti-virus Supplier

  CurlyWhirly 16:20 17 Oct 2005

I agree with your views on how babybell got infected but I would just like to point out that NOD32 isn't the *only* anti-virus package that features heuristic techniques as McAfee also have it (which I use) and a few other anti-virus packages as well I presume?

click here

p.s. apologies if you already knew this! ;0)

  007al 17:31 17 Oct 2005

he doesnt mention an email!

  wee eddie 17:38 17 Oct 2005

many apologies.

The download date was what confused me!

  moodboom 17:42 17 Oct 2005

Is the machine at work part of a network? It could be that your friend switched on the machine and a virus (that arrived on the network on the 10th) was sent once the machine was registered on the network. AVG then awoke. Or is your friend sure he is the only person using the computer!!?!

And there's no such thing as a silly question if you really want to know the answer.

  DieSse 18:19 17 Oct 2005

"NOD32 isn't the *only* anti-virus package that features heuristic techniques"

Iknow that most AV packages have some form of heuristics (some disable it as standard due to performace hits!!). NODs heuristics are reckoned the best there is - have a look at their web-site about the Zotob worm! click here

  007al 18:22 17 Oct 2005

is his pc on a wireless network??

  Forum Editor 18:41 17 Oct 2005

to find out, before rushing around trying to work out HOW this machine might have become infected, is to find out for sure IF it is infected.

Has your colleague tried updating AVG and then running a deep scan? There may be no infection at all.

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