A silly question i know.

  misters 14:37 02 Jun 2007

I am about to buy a dvd recorder which record on dv-r and rw etc but i not these disc hold upto 120 mins of recording time, all i want to know is if i want to record something the last longer than 120 mins, what should i ne looking for in my recorder that helps with this.

I hope i made myself clear.

Thanks in advance

  pj123 14:44 02 Jun 2007

If you mean a DVD Recorder that connects to your TV, most of them will record up to 6 hours. You just need to set it.

I have a Liteon 5006 but it isn't available anymore. Here are some that you might like to look at?

click here

  FreeCell 15:16 02 Jun 2007

The longer recording times are available by selecting different level of recording quality in your recorder.

DVD recorders provide a higher quality level of recording than the older VHS tape as standard but if you were happy with VHS type qulaity then you are likley to get around 4 hours recording from a single DVD disk. To get longer then you must accept lower quality video.

Hope that helps

  FreeCell 15:18 02 Jun 2007

By the way there is no such thing as a silly question on this forum.

  Pineman100 16:27 02 Jun 2007

The recording capacity of a DVD depends on what kind of recorder you buy - multi-layer ones have greater capacity. This article might help click here.

The newest format of recordable disks are Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, both of which have much higher capacities than DVD. The drives and the disks are still quite expensive, but in a year or two they're likely to become the standard. If you want maximum capacity you might consider splashing out now.

The only problem is deciding which format will become the standard. But you can buy a drive that will handle both.

  Pineman100 16:28 02 Jun 2007

>By the way there is no such thing as a silly question on this forum.<

Try looking back at some of my posts!!

  misters 12:59 03 Jun 2007

Thanx guys i'm a little wiser now thank you.

  knockin on 13:11 03 Jun 2007

No one seems tohave mentioned that there are recorders available which have a built in hard drive. You can record several days worth of content. You then have the option of wiping - as you would redundant data on your computer - or transfering your chosen recordings onto permanent DVD. These are,of course, more expensive machines.

  premier man 18:25 03 Jun 2007

Going on from there can I put several music DC`S in to my DVD recorder and play back ramdom music, do`s that make sense

  premier man 18:27 03 Jun 2007

in to my recorder`s HD I meant

  cocteau48 18:58 03 Jun 2007

For not a great deal more than a basic DVD recorder and for a lot less than one with a built in hard drive you could also consider one that takes a removable RAM disk. I have a Panasonic and the Ram Disk will record up to 8 hours on a single sided disk but it still works on the same principle as your computer hard drive and,therefore,the machine with the built in hard drive. Another big plus point is that access times to record and play are instant which they are not with conventional disks.

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