Silly question about XL

  martjc 19:23 02 Dec 2005

Iam just starting to learn about MS XL and the way it does things. I would like to place a column of numbers based on a single number in a single cell. I.e. if cell b2 has a value of 2, then cells d4 to d12 should also equal 2. If I change the value in b2 to 3, the d column should change to all 3s. I cannot fathom how to stop the column equaling b2,b3,b4, etc. In other words, the number reference should not change! How do I formulate this column?

  VoG II 19:35 02 Dec 2005

In D4 enter the formula


Click in D4, hover the cursor over the bottom right of the cell until it turns into a +. Hold down the left button and drag down to D12.

  Paulius55 19:36 02 Dec 2005

You have to use absolute references, so instead of =b2 use =$b$2

  VoG II 19:36 02 Dec 2005

Explanation click here

  csqwared 19:41 02 Dec 2005

Just to expand on what VoG™ has said, and he is the undisputed master of Excel, the $ sign makes the cell address "absolute" rather than "relative". An absolute cell address will always refer to the same cell rather than 'incrementing' when dragging as you have found. Hope that goes a little way into helping you understand Excel which is an incedible application.


  csqwared 19:42 02 Dec 2005

See what I mean about VoG™. Sorry about that VoG™, never was the fastest typist.

  martjc 21:21 02 Dec 2005

...especially VoG™. I'm gettin' old now and forget how functions can work!!!

  dogbreath1 21:39 02 Dec 2005

"I'm gettin' old now and forget how functions can work!!!"... excuse sorry...VoG™'s 102 years old and he manages just fine! ;-))

  VoG II 21:52 02 Dec 2005

Actually I'm not quite that old but ... there are no silly questions, only silly answers.

Please keep the 'easy' questions coming - it makes for a pleasant relief from the more intractable Excel questions that are posted from time to time.

I think that I have mastered Excel, just about, but there are always things to learn. There are also several others on here who are equally adept at answering questions relating to Excel.

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