Silly MSN question!

  BigMan24 23:38 17 Jan 2005

Hi there,

When chatting to someone over MSN Messenger, I see the picture at the top right of the window. I was wondering if it is possible to enlarge this picture. Either when they r using a webcam, or when they just have a picture up?


  johnnyrocker 23:42 17 Jan 2005

it would require them to dictate the size of pic.


  Technotiger 23:44 17 Jan 2005

Hi, the users, each end, have the option to use small/medium/large for their OWN picture settings in msn.


  Technotiger 23:46 17 Jan 2005

ps - there are no 'silly questions' here - one either knows or doesn't know - if the latter then just ask.

  ACOLYTE 23:48 17 Jan 2005

You cant i don't think but the person whose pic it is might be able to i don't think it goes to enormous sizes tho.When viewing on a web cam you can change the video window size your end to large.

  Technotiger 23:52 17 Jan 2005

Have not used it lately, but I don't think that is possible in msn (it is with NetMeeting though).

Cheers. (I may be wrong - my memory is getting a bit worn-out)

  johnnyrocker 23:57 17 Jan 2005

personally i use yahoo which 'in my opinion' gives greater flexibility over visuals.


  ACOLYTE 08:50 18 Jan 2005

You can change the video window to large,makes a whacking great message box though,I'm not to sure about the display pic i think that only goes so big,and may depend on how big the pic is to start with.I also use yahoo,as well as msn they co exist quite happily.

  BigMan24 15:10 18 Jan 2005

what is NetMeeting?

I don't think i've heard of it before. I want to be able to chat (audio and video) over the net, and I've just read that there's some problems wi MSN audio!

Cheers guys!

  ACOLYTE 18:13 18 Jan 2005

Net meeting,if you have it on your pc type "conf" in the run box to set it up,i used to use if all the time for talking to people i stopped because you had to put peoples IP addy in to connect after MSN 5 or was it 4? before it used to be an option to start Netmeeting from MSN.

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