Silent keyboard and mouse

  Taran 23:04 07 Jan 2006

I'll be running some searches over the next few days for computer interface equipment that is soundless (or close to) in use, but knowing the wide areas of interest members of this forum have I thought I'd throw it open to those who may already have experience of particular products.

I'm looking for keyboards without the annoying rattle of keys when typing on them and mice that do not make a loud clicking sound every time you use any of the buttons.

I know I can find such items just by leveraging any of the major search engines but I'd far rather take recommendations based on actual user experience.

As usual, my thanks in advance to any of the Helproom members who are able to offer input.

Best regards all.


  rdave13 23:46 07 Jan 2006

A mouse that has'nt got that satisfying "click" to let you know that you have actually clicked; and the keyboard that makes no sound when you type....!

Heaven help us :(

  Stuartli 00:10 08 Jan 2006

My Silvercrest keyboard and optical mouse (rebadged A4Tech products) bought at Lidl are both silent, although the keyboard becomes more noisy the harder the keys are pressed (I'm a touch typist so it is not quite silent because of the speed of typing).

I'm not bothered about the mouse being silent but would become somewhat puzzled if the keyboard made no noise at all.

  josie mayhem 00:14 08 Jan 2006

I would forget the mouse, and go for a palm type computer that has a pen and a touch sensitive screen!

Or the only other thing I can think of that will not make a noise is getting a graphic tablet and then setting Microsoft to displaying your keyboard on the screen, and using the graphic card to tap (silently of cause) as you go... The only problem with this is the on screen keyboard is going to get in the way of your work, but I think that there might be a way of making the keyboard (on screen) semi transparent?!!


Why no noise?

  Taran 08:22 08 Jan 2006

The whys are not terribly relevant here - suffice to say it's a project that I'm presently involved in and also something a client has asked about.

I appreciate that there will always be some noise when typing, but a keyboard that is almost noiseless in use and a clickless mouse (that you can still click) would, I dare say, not go amiss in many a household where one or another family member is working late, or early for that matter.

In fact, I've had some experience in the past with silent keyboards in industry and medical environments. A large organisation I am part of has one in their boardroom where the individual recording the minutes of board meetings does so without any noticeable background noise.

The last time I was doing jury service I was interested to note the lack of noise coming from the keyboard used by the court stenographer.

That they exist and that there are some very useful applications for them is not the issue - I'd rather like to hear what users think of their own equipment, if anyone has such direct experience of course.

Thanks for your input so far.


  Taran 08:25 08 Jan 2006

I should have known - for starters...

A bit of Googling (well, Yahooing actually) threw up stacks of good web links.

  Taran 13:45 08 Jan 2006


  GuZ><0r 13:53 08 Jan 2006

Well if you want silent keyboard and mouse, do not go for anything Microsoft, the loudest ever.

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