Chegs ® 22:58 04 May 2005

To run...


Its a tool included in XP to "...check all critical files are Digitally Signed so that any changes to these files can be quickly detected"

I have just been looking thru the logs this little tool makes for interesting reading.According to it,some of my files aren't signed(so,according to M$,unsigned apps "can" cause trouble,so always use signed ones when possible)The interest comes from discovering that on my PC(XP Home)

explorer.exe|8/29/2002|6.0.2800.1106|Not Signed|N/A

which is a M$ file,isn't certified digitally.This "could" be caused by changes from "StylesXP" when I customised my desktop,so I didn't dwell on it.The thing that really freaked me out(considering the number of times I have had problems caused by unsigned [usually]drivers,etc )was this tool finding...

Scan Results:Total Files:11568,Signed:7184,Unsigned:4357,Not Scanned:27


and a fair proportion of them are M$ Updates!

No wonder my XP can get very unstable simply tweaking its "protected" files. :-)

  ACOLYTE 01:50 05 May 2005

Just ran this on my pc:

OS Platform: Windows 2000 (x86), Version: 5.1, Build: 2600, CSDVersion: Service Pack 2
Scan Results: Total Files: 3221, Signed: 2239, Unsigned: 0, Not Scanned: 982

and the not scanned ones were not installed,so the log said so i guess all my files are signed lol.

  Chegs ® 12:57 05 May 2005

Anyone else?

  bretsky 13:59 05 May 2005

Just ran this on my pc:

O/S Win XP 2002 Home ed sp1:scan results:Total fies:2975,Signed files:2062,Unsigned:8,Files not scanned:905.

Those unsigned refer to my printer drivers(Lexmark) and my pdf creater/converter2 pro from Scansoft.

And the not scanned ones were not installed as pointed out by the log.

System is fairly stable and the pc runs
fine...touch wood!!

bretsky ;0)

  dan11 14:13 05 May 2005

On my lappy;

windows XP pro + SP2

total files 3450, signed files 2379, unsigned files 2, files not scanned 1069.

The two files unsigned are mdigraph.dll and mdiui.dll ???

Same as bretsky. System is very stable and runs well. Touch wood!!!!!!!!!!!!;-)

  Chegs ® 14:37 05 May 2005

I run XP Home with SP-1,on 3 HD's (2x120Gb SATA + 40Gb IDE)This gives me a total of some 280+Gbs of storage,that explains the 11568 files.I still cannot see why MY XP has 4357 of these files unsigned?

Aida32 shows...

Operating System Properties
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/
OS Code Name Whistler/
OS Language English (United States)/
OS Kernel Type Uniprocessor Free/
OS Version 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)/
OS Service Pack Service Pack 1/
OS Installation Date 24/04/2005/

Current Session/
Computer Name SPEEDY/
User Name Owner/
Logon Domain SPEEDY/
UpTime 46734 sec (0 days, 12 hours, 58 min, 54 sec)/

Components Version/
Common Controls 6.00/
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1)/
Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)/
Windows Media Player
MSN Messenger 6.2.0205/
Internet Information Services None/
Novell Client None/
DirectX (DirectX 9.0a)/
OpenGL 5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)/
ASPI None/

Database Drivers
MDAC 2.71.9030.0 built by: Lab06_N(dagbuild)/
ODBC 3.520.9030.0/
Network Present Yes/

{Aida results editted to fit into PCA's 800 word limit}

  bretsky 15:03 05 May 2005

"explorer.exe|8/29/2002|6.0.2800.1106|Not Signed|N/A which is a M$ file,isn't certified digitally.This "could" be caused by changes from "StylesXP" when I customised my desktop"

Just read a piece on the above software from another site which I googled and it seems to be called bloatware for its enormous space it takes up on the HDD, have you considered uninstalling it?

I could be completely wrong here.

bretsky ;0)

  Chegs ® 15:18 05 May 2005

Just checked StylesXP properties,its only 3.59Mbs for full folder.I only use it to create a Resource folder(In Windows folder)to allow me to make changes to the "Default" desktop styles(without XP bleating about "cannot make changes,files in use")with an app called "ResHacker" The "explorer.exe" changes are...

Removal of the "Start" text

Removal of the tiny Windows icon

and modifying the "Luna.msstyles" file to...

Change its colour from sickly green to exactly the same blue colour of the taskbar.

Instructions are here click here

  bretsky 15:33 05 May 2005

Ummmm, hardly call 3.59Mbs bloatware given how much space you have got in your system.

Sorry I can't be more constructive or positive.

bretsky ;0)

  Chegs ® 17:34 05 May 2005

Just had a thought so checked...

StylesXP folder 3.59Mbs (tiny)

but the Resources folder it creates is 39.4Mbs.Still but a drop in the vast ocean that is my storage capacity(I have a DVD-RW too :-) )

I am just "having a play" with click here
If it works out,I'm likely to screw up my XP install tinkering with the tools on this CD,and will probably go the new install over restoring via an image(DriveImage)of my C:\ partition.Soon as I have an OS installed,I'm going to run this sigverif tool again,and see just how many of the original,unupdated files it then finds.

I recently reinstalled my daughters XP Pro,I ran this tool on her PC(its not been updated yet,as my dialup isn't shared)and it has

Total Files: 3098, Signed: 2048, Unsigned: 3, Not Scanned: 1047

How come I have approx 3 times the quantity of C:\Windoze files than anyone else? I cannot surely have that many more applications installed? I have 53 listings in Start/Program Files,and this isn't ALL my usual apps(as I am still installing apps after the whole setup got screwed recently)The Aida32 log above shows this XP installation date as 24/4/05.

  Joe R 17:46 05 May 2005

Files found: 3205 Signed: files 2093 Unsigned: files 18. Files not scanned 1094.

This is from XP home, and the unsigned files are all from the latest WHQL certified drivers from Nvidia.

I only built this system a month ago, so that may be why there are not a great deal of files as such.

My system runs very well, and has had no critical faults.

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