Signing in and registering to different sites

  marytommo 18:10 03 Dec 2010

I use Firefox and Internet Explorer. Whenever I try to sign in(eg.Which,Facebook, Windows Messenger) or to register into a new site eg.(Roots,Derbys Bygones sites)I receive a rebuff in the way Firefox and I.E. announces "Not Responding" and I then have to end the connection and start again with the same result each time. Is there some adjustment I need to make to the settings?? I'm open to all help and ideas for this incredibly frustrating happening particularly as I'm in the middle of an important project.
Thank you in advance for any solid answers...

  Clapton is God 19:51 03 Dec 2010

It seems to me that the problem lies in the fact that you're using two different browsers which may be clashing with each other.

Decide which you prefer and then uninstall the other.

When you've done that run CCleaner and try again.

  tullie 19:55 03 Dec 2010

Dont think its wise to uninstall IE,even if you could.

  Clapton is God 19:55 03 Dec 2010

So dump Firefox.

  lotvic 20:26 03 Dec 2010

You feeling grumpy today then..
I've never heard of FF and IE 'clashing'
I use both without problem.

  spuds 21:34 03 Dec 2010

I use FF,IE8 and Google chrome. Never had any issues of them clashing with each other.

If you are getting the 'Non-Responding', it could well be that you have to much junk on your computer, and also perhaps some fragments of other programs floating about.

Do you do defragging checks, regular program changes or cookie clearouts?.

  Clapton is God 07:45 04 Dec 2010

"You feeling grumpy today then.."

No. I'm ALWAYS grumpy - or so Mrs Clapton is God tells me.

  morddwyd 08:25 04 Dec 2010

I use all three with no problems.

Far more likely to be cookies or some adblocker.

  DippyGirl 01:30 05 Dec 2010

If you are using multiple browsers (wont go into why anyone would want to use IE ) but may be worth using a password manager to handle passwords rather than the browser
I (for trivial stuff) use LastPass click here - its server based so available from anywhere
For non-trivial things I use KeePass,click here , limited to where its installed (no I dont have it in a memory stick). But I am only going to "do sensitive" things from a secure place - ie my home computer

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