Signature on bottom of email (Outlook Express 6)

  Gaz W 00:20 01 Oct 2003

Is there a way to embed an image at the bottom of Outlook Express 6.0? I don't want it sending as an attachment. When I look in the options in Tools > Options > Signatures (OE 6) there doesn't seem to be an option to use an image.

Is there a way to do this?

  MAJ 00:33 01 Oct 2003

Try this Gaz W. click here

  mark500 00:41 01 Oct 2003
  GroupFC 08:39 01 Oct 2003

Into my postings for future reference!

  Chris the Ancient 09:13 01 Oct 2003

My way doesn't use a link.

Create the picture.

Put it in My Documents.

Type your e-mail. Leave the cursor at the end of the document.

Use Insert/Picture - default location is My Documents - double click gif. Only takes 2 - 3 seconds.


Post e-mail.

  Gaz W 12:57 01 Oct 2003

The way I tried it didn't work, and some of these ways appear to be similar. I created a simple HTML file containing <IMG SRC="c:\signature.gif""> or whatever, and put the file in that location, but because it is only on the sender's hard drive, the recipient will not see it - they will just get an image box with the red X. In fact, that's all I got until I published the image on the web and changed the HTML file on the hard drive to read <IMG SRC="http:// click here">. I was then able to see the image but the disadvantages are that I have to have the file on the web, and I don't think the HTML file gets embedded, so the recipient still has to have the HTML file there if you see what I mean.

Really I am looking for a way to do this automatically because it's for someone else who wants it doing automatically.

  wildrover 13:38 01 Oct 2003

I am not at home at the moment, so no access to OE here to test this. But I was wondering.... If it is the same image going in on most emails, would it be possible to create a template email with the image in? Not a signature as such but an ever present image. See click here re setting up a template. Not sure if this will work with an image but it seems as though it should.

  Gaz W 14:03 01 Oct 2003

I did think of doing something like this but wasn't sure how to do it in Outlook Express. I use Outlook and because this is integrated more with Word it would be easier. However, the person who wants the signature uses Outlook Express and doesn't have Office.

  Chegs ® 14:20 01 Oct 2003

I used MAJ's suggestion,and it works fine here.I had a couple of probs,but that was due to missing off the " "

  MAJ 14:36 01 Oct 2003

When the signature is sent, the image is embedded in the email, so that your recipient is able to see the gif that you've used, else the only place the gif will be is on your hard drive. Your recipient also have to have their email set to HTML so that they can receive it. It's not really a great idea to insert a large gif or jpg as a signature, keep it as small as possible, remember your recipient has to download it. Using HTML format to send and receive email can also leave you [more] open to virus attack.

  Gaz W 14:37 01 Oct 2003

I can see an image box in your last posting and it's got a red X in it. Maybe you can actually see the image because it's on your own hard drive (E:/Images/mario.gif). That's what I think would happen with Outlook Express sending the emails - the recipient wouldn't have the file on their PC so they would just get the empty image box.

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