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  shellship 17:51 26 Aug 2008

My wife and I are networked through a router in the middle of the house. In the last few weeks her network connection has shown weak signal strength while mine is fine. Previously both were good. I have turned the router on and off a few times to see if it is this that is causing the bother but no success. Although she can access the internet OK she can no longer access her Tiscali email through Outlook Express. Could this be a hardware fault in her machine?

  mgmcc 19:46 26 Aug 2008

<<<< Could this be a hardware fault in her machine? >>>>

Is her computer a "Laptop"? Some Laptops have their aerial in the screen section with a wire running through the hinge to the Wireless Network Adapter in the main section of the computer. This wire can be damaged by the continual opening and closing of the Laptop and this results in an almost total loss of wireless signal. If the Laptop is fairly old and this is the case, the simplest solution is probably to plug a USB Wireless Network Adapter in and connect with that instead.

  shellship 09:50 27 Aug 2008

Thanks. No it is not a laptop - a small desktop in an AOpen box. Tried turning it off and on and managed to get email working but still shows weak signal strength.

  ambra4 11:54 27 Aug 2008

Look at these options to increases the signal strength of your wireless system

If your router antenna can be removed look at replacing with a Hi Gain Antenna

Or a Hi-Gain Wireless-G Range Extender in the areas with a low signal

Hi-Gain™ 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

click here

Hawking HWUR54G Hi-Gain Wireless-G Range Extender

click here

You have to upgrade the firmware in the Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender to get the max range

Download the Users Manual and the Quick Installation Guide and take a read

You can use multiple range extenders to extend the wireless signal

  shellship 18:03 27 Aug 2008

Thanks. Will consider but the strange thing is that the signal on wife's machine used to be as good as on mine, hence my wondering if there is a hardware problem her end. No, we have not built a brick wall between us!

  ambra4 19:04 27 Aug 2008

See if there is an updated driver for the wireless card

Or as “mgmcc” said try a USB Wireless Network Adapter, attach it to a USB extension

cable which will move the adapter from behind the desktop to a more open position and

see if the signal strength improve, but you must disable the desktop wireless card first,

before connecting the USB adapter

  liketoknow 13:42 30 Aug 2008

Although it would be a bit of a pain, have you tried to test the signal strenght in other areas of the house by moving the desktop PC?

or, if u place ur laptop near the desktop, do you still get one on strong and the other on low?

I was thinking that you could try to change transmission channel in the router config to see if this helps... maybe your neighbour (if u have any) has a just installed a wifi router near where the desktop is, causing some interfearence?...

  liketoknow 13:47 30 Aug 2008

...actually, I was assuming for some reason that one would be a laptop, the other a desktop...

are both machines desktops? anyway... it would be worth trying to move them around to see signal strenght for one or the other...

if while having both next to one another, one is weak, the other is strong, you would know that the problem is with the machine with the weak signal...

  shellship 15:04 03 Sep 2008

Sorry for delay. Been away. Good suggestions. Both are desktops but wife has little ASUS EE also and we will try your suggestions. Ta.

  shellship 17:34 09 Sep 2008

May have cracked it. Normally computer is left on overnight but if it is turned off signal strength next day is fine. When signal was week, tried Asus and signal was OK so presumably the wireless card does not operate so well when it gets a bit warm. Will mark as resolved even though I am guessing at the correct reason.

  shellship 11:52 23 Sep 2008

Good news and bad news. Turning machine off was not the solution. Took it to local guru (who made it and installed our network). He, amongst other things, used the Windows driver rather than that which came with the card and now OK. Still don't know why it happened though.

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