Signal strength low.

  MjWoNeR 14:41 21 Aug 2006

I have a Netgear wgt624v3 router.

The signal though is not as strong since the router is quite far away from where my PC and laptop is.

My PC does a bit better than the laptop, i mean i can surf the internet normaly, kind of ish.
The laptop on the other hand is strugling to get some signal..and the connection is 10mbit.

Is there a cheap way to boost the signal a bit?
Like an better antenna for the router for example?
Are all antennas compatible with all the routers?

Any suggestions?

Thnx for your time

  FelixTCat 15:22 21 Aug 2006


Try moving your router around a bit. You can increase its range and signal strength by getting it as high up as possible. Even moving it a foot or two sideways may make a difference.

Also, check that the router and laptop are transmitting at full power (in the setup pages). The default is that they are, but it may have been turned down.



  MjWoNeR 15:31 21 Aug 2006

I done that already.
I actually bought one extra long cable 10meters or something(cheapest way i could think) and took the router as close and high as possible. But the router is downstairs and i am on the first floor on the other side..
The router with the extra cable did not even reach the center of the lower floor.(Yes its a big house:( )
Transmitting is at full power, i checked that first of all.

I wonder if there is a loss in the signal from the extension cable as well.

  ade.h 16:02 21 Aug 2006

In a large house, possibly with think solid walls, I would not be surprised to get signal trouble if the router is downstairs and the clients are diagonally opposite.

A new aerial probably won't achieve anything. A range extender would, if you had somewhere to place it. Or perhaps a MIMO router and adapter. Either way, you would be looking at some expense or a lot of expense respectively.

So tweak for all it's worth before committing to new or additional equipment.

  ade.h 16:03 21 Aug 2006

think? I meant thick. (Ironic!)

  MjWoNeR 16:11 21 Aug 2006

I see. and i was thinking on making a flatenna.. lol

Are MIMO routers and MIMO cards that good??

  ade.h 16:29 21 Aug 2006

Yes, pretty much. They certainly knock the over-rated Pre-n stuff into a cocked hat. It's all down to multiplexing. click here and scroll down. There are no cast-iron guarantees becuase every environment is different, but MIMO signals usually have the strength to go where others cannot because they are resistant to break-up.

  MjWoNeR 16:40 21 Aug 2006

That was interesting.

Thnx for the info ade.h!

Have a nice day :)

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