Signal out of range on my monitor !!!!

  Poloman69 16:31 05 Feb 2003

I have recently purchased a nice new 19" monitor, but whenever i try and play games, it says that my Signal is out of range, and lots of pretty flashing lines appear over the screen.

How can i can the signal range to the safe values.

my Current values show as:

HS 81k
VS 160k

The Safe Values it wants are between:

HS 30 - 97k
VS 50 - 150k

  smcarlsen 17:06 05 Feb 2003

Go into your display settings and drop the refresh rate frequency down a bit..

  Gongoozler 17:14 05 Feb 2003

Poloman69, any vertical scan frequency above about 85Hz should be flicker free, so 165Hz is much more than you need.

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