Signal beetween pc and laptop.

  alltime 12:57 04 Jun 2005

I am running win xp with sp2 on both computers. Have set up a wireless connection. have done a ping test and both computers r communicating. the pc connects to the net ok. the laptop is a strong signal (excellent) but wont find the home page. When you click on I.e. it checks proxy settings ,finds the google home page and then said this page cant be displayed. I am at my witts end. Can you experts help please?

  boot-it-out 14:06 04 Jun 2005

Are you running a firewall on either of the PC's - like Zone Alarm or similar ?

If so that will probably be the problem - check the settings or post further details of your Firewall program.

click here

  alltime 14:23 04 Jun 2005

No im only running the Microsoft firewall. I have found if i go into i.e. and click on properties it says Protocol Unknown
Type Not available
Address res://c:\windows\system 32.
URL \shdoclc.dll\dnserror htm#http:click here

Im sure this is the problem but dont know how to clearout the ie properties box so it can reasign the info. Hope this helps

  Fingees 14:30 04 Jun 2005

When you chech wireless connection, go into another room with the laptop, as signal should then read very good or good.
if it still reads excellent it may be monitoring the conection to itself.

Make sure you have the network you use displayed when you click on the wireless network symbol, and you have clicked on connect.

  Dipso 22:50 04 Jun 2005

Can you get the Google site up if you click here if so, in Network Connection, right click on the LAN icon and select properties. Under the General tab select Internet Protocol and click Properties, do you have "Obtain an IP address automatically selected".

Or try in IE go to tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings, click on Use a proxy server

  Taff36 23:08 04 Jun 2005

How are you connecting to the net? Is it a router attached to the PC, if so what make?

  Dipso 23:15 04 Jun 2005

alltime is using ICS click here

  jimmer409® 07:01 05 Jun 2005

i suspect the laptop has lost your isp settings, call up your config page (if your wifi card uses browser) and check that you are properly logged in, i use d-link with no problems, please advise the brand of your gear

  Taff36 08:50 05 Jun 2005

Thanks for that but have a look at his last post timed at 00.40 this morning. He seems to have a Belkin Wireless router now. We also seem to have two threads - one marked resolved and it isn`t know, and this one which has moved on to another problem altogether.

Alltime - Strongly suggest you mark both threads as resolved. Start a new one with your current situation and give us all the info about your current setup. Then we can look at the problem analytically and everyone will know where we are up to.

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