Sign of future disaster?

  james300 17:47 31 Jan 2011

Hi, all,

Bought a new Sony Vaio last week. Works great, except the internal speakers. For the first few days they didn't work at all, then today they did, albeit for a short while, and with a lot of static the whole time. I don't really care that the internal speakers have a fault, as from day one I intended to plug an external speaker into the headphone jack and use only that for sound, as laptops have poor sound and I listen to a lot of music on mine. My question is do you think a problem with the internal speakers may indicate other future problems, or that seeing as I never intend to use the internal speakers, it's fine for me to not worry about it? Thanks :)

  rawprawn 17:54 31 Jan 2011

If there is a serious fult as you describe, whatever your thoughts on using different speakers you should return the laptop.
From memory Sony give a support number for 30 days. I would try that as a first option. If you have no success return the machine to the reatailer.

  Big L 266 18:04 31 Jan 2011


jcol27411....I would take it back to the shop you bought it from and exchange it for a model which does have a working internal speaker. There are several possibilities as to why the speaker doesn't work. From what you say it sounds like there is an internal wiring fault which would give rise to the static you've been hearing.There is no way of knowing if this faulty wiring might touch a circuit,nor if it will create further problems,but is it really worth waiting to find out though if you have a hard-drive full of music and it goes kaput?

Either way,it is a faulty product,and with great respect,you should return it to the shop and exchange it for another before anything else has the potential to go wrong.

Big L 266

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 31 Jan 2011

Return it!

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