Sidebar Disappeared & Nothing Will Fix

  Teacy 21:19 25 May 2008

I run Vista Home Premium pre-loaded on a Sony Vaio laptop & for first few months, the sidebar was great. I tried to add the weather gadget from the Met Office site & accidentally clicked Yes to the Spybot 'are you sure' prompt, and the sidebar's gone. Every startup comes w/a message that Windows Sidebar is managed by the administrator (me!). Have tried system restore, opening as administrator, running exe from programmes and Run, changing privilege level in compatibility tab (greyed out), un/reassigning in command prompt the ATL.DLL, sbdrop.dll & lsrvc.dll files--everything I've found on the Web. Nothing works. It's gone from desktop & taskbar selections. Am constantly given that Administrator message. Please someone help! It meant a lot. Thanks.

  skidzy 21:20 25 May 2008

Is Aero enabled ?

  Technotiger 21:27 25 May 2008

Have a look through the first three items here ... click here

  Teacy 01:45 26 May 2008

Technotiger, Re: the Vista Sidebar info page, thanks but I've been through all the basic things like that and also tried things normally beyond me (eg the registry entries I found somewhere) but no joy. I think when I tried to add the Met weather gadget, I was asked if I really wanted to replace the existing sidebar (and seem to have clicked without intending thanks to Vaio buttons on the edge), so I think the problem is linked to that. Now any choices that might help me work with sidebar seem to be greyed out.

Skidzy, I'm too naive to know what Aero is but a google search suggests I should find it as an option in my Colour & appearance selection, which it isn't, though a description of Aero effects (glass-like windows and previews when mouse hovers over taskbar buttons) describes what I do have. So I'm afraid I'm not sure if it's enabled.

Thank you both for taking the time to respond; I'm really grateful for any advice.

  J-san 01:58 26 May 2008


I googled your problem and found this link.

click here

Check out the advice at the bottom of the page.
Hope it works for you.
Good luck

  Teacy 02:41 26 May 2008

I think I've tried that one, as well as another one where six lines are typed in; I found I'd bookmarked that page earlier. I still get my hopes up with every suggestion, so I'm very grateful, just so disappointed that none are working. Why didn't System Restore, which I ran immediately when this happened, work--is it because the new gadget changed the registry (I'm ignorant of registry matters)? Anyway, after doing the command prompt stuff this time, I restarted and up came the usual infuriating 'Windows sidebar is managed by the administrator.'

Thanks again but if anyone cracks it, please, please do let me know.

  ambra4 04:59 26 May 2008

See if this works to re-enable the disabled sidebar:

Sign into Windows Vista as an Administrator.

Click start then type “regedit” and click the program at the top.

This will load the Registry Editor. You need to find the setting:


Once here there is a value called “TurnOffSidebar” which (if disabled) will have a value of “1?.

Change this value to “0? and close and your Windows Vista Sidebar will now work.

Load the Sidebar by clicking Start then typing “Sidebar” and open the program.

Customise the Sidebar to your requirements and you’re all set.

  Teacy 11:44 26 May 2008

Thank you so much, Ambra4; you had the key that worked! I have honestly tried everything, having searched the web for days, but yours is the only thing that worked. The registry editor looked a bit different but I took a chance that this was the same as what you'd described and changed the (1) at the end of the data digits to (0). The sidebar looks quite different from what I had but I'm thrilled to see it and was still able to add the main gadgets I want. Apart from never knowing the date, I find the slideshow of my photos soothing during stressful work, particularly when pictures of sadly lost loved ones come up, so it means a lot.

I was already working on the above when your response arrived, Marg7, but I want to thank you and all the others for taking the trouble to respond. It's wonderful that there is somewhere to come for help and that people are so kind to offer their intelligence to those of us with less PC nouse! Thanks again.

  Teacy 11:45 26 May 2008

(Oops....meant to tick 'Resolved with my last post so am doing so now...'.)

  Technotiger 11:50 26 May 2008

Put a tick in the box and then click on Resolved :-))

  ambra4 12:12 26 May 2008

Just information For All Sony Vaio Computer User

Sony intentionally and deliberately disabled the Vista sidebar to make users use the

Google Desktop sidebar or not use one at all on their Vaio Computers

That is the reason you present sidebar looks difference than the one you had before.

The only way to fix is to change the registry setting

Glad to hear all working again


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