Sickly and full of syrup

  spikeychris 15:11 10 Mar 2004

These threads come round every now and again so here's one of mine....

After running what is a tiny tiny tiny site in comparison to PCA (in fact it wouldn't even register in the same stratosphere), I have come to the conclusion that the running and admin of a site the size of PCA must be a gigantic task and the way it is handled is exemplary.

To be running for three years at such high standards is beyond all expectations and should be commended.

Congratulations to all the back room boys and girls, techs and the FE.


  Glyn-252301 15:25 10 Mar 2004

I'll second that.

  Stuartli 15:30 10 Mar 2004

There's also the little matter of producing and publishing a monthly magazine......:-)

  temp003 16:27 10 Mar 2004

And one can compare PCA's hard work with spikeychris's hard work at click here

  ventanas 16:35 10 Mar 2004

Are you still after the FE's photo.

Well said though, I think you speak for all of us.

  Djohn 17:01 10 Mar 2004

Yep! Well done PCA for providing the forum. :o)

And FE for keeping us all in line :o(

  Mat2 17:07 10 Mar 2004

I agree with the others, Well done to all at PCA for providing a great forum. Long may it continue.

  ozzy 123 17:23 10 Mar 2004

Youve all saved my bacon loads off times and i send my heart felt thanks to every one involved. and by the way the mag is an excellant read too.

  Forum Editor 17:29 10 Mar 2004

you've made me go all warm inside.

We're glad you like it here - we like it too, and we have enjoyed our three and a bit years with you all (well most of the time).

I know that everyone says this, but we do get quite a lot of email along the same lines, and we love that - it encourages us to keep on doing what we're doing. The forum wouldn't be a forum without all of you however, so perhaps Chris won't mind if I use his thread to send thanks all of you from all of us.

I'm filling up..........time to go and delete a post somewhere. Thanks Chris.

  Djohn 17:41 10 Mar 2004

Quote from FE. "I'm filling up..........time to go and delete a post somewhere."

See what you've done now Chris. Warmed up FE. Now his fingers are twitching as he madly searches the forum for something to click on! ;o)

  Indigo 1 18:51 10 Mar 2004

Great site, great work guys, can't thank you enough.

Cheers have a drink on me ;-)

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