sick of usiong windows vista

  Paul uk86 12:18 07 Apr 2009

hi everyone, im using a Medion MT 487G computer which came with windows vista already installed on it and complete with support and recovery cds. I have tried putting up with windows vista but cant stand it any longer. I rtecently tried to ionstall windows xp but couldnt as the prograzm told me that there were no hard drives on the computer. Could someone please tell me how i can get rid of vista so that i can install windows xp home edition? Im hoping that this computer will accept xp.



  birdface 12:25 07 Apr 2009

Yes just leave it on.I believe that Vista users will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out shortly.But not sure if that is just for new computers or not.

  Paul uk86 12:31 07 Apr 2009

Thanks for the reply.My computer was second hand when i bought it but cant stand the operating system on it.Ive been use to using windows xp which i think is a lot better.Knowing my luck, windows 7 will only be given to new computers, lol.

  ened 13:03 07 Apr 2009

What, specifically do you not like about Vista?

Some of the features can be turned off - eg.Aero interface and UAC.

  birdface 13:06 07 Apr 2009

Googled .You might find something on there that would help.

click here=

  AlouetteIII 13:07 07 Apr 2009

I've turned off all the features and switched to classic mode. Result is a laptop which reacts almost like my XP PC and has been running perfectly for months now.

  rickf 13:07 07 Apr 2009

I just downgraded to XP from Vista on an Acer 5920G. You need to firstly get all the XP drivers for your model. Medion maybe able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise you have to trawl the web for them, possibly from 3rd party hardware manufacturer's of the components in your lappy. Ypou must make sure you get the SaTa drivers and the chipset for your CPU or XP will not be able to recognise the SaTa Drive in your comp.
An esaier way is to buy a new H/D, IDE or Sata according to your M/B. Then install new XP OS with either SP2/3 on it. It'll then recognise the H/D. Proceed then with normal installation of XP. You'll still need all the XP drivers for the various components on your motherboard.
If you serach the web for XP drivers for your model MedionXXXX you might be lucky to find them all in one package. I found mine this way. Hope this helps.

  jimv7 13:09 07 Apr 2009

It sounds like you have a sata drive, you might need to press f6 to install the sata drivers before windows finds your drive.

  chub_tor 13:17 07 Apr 2009

click here gives some good tips for doing what you want. As rickf says the most important thing to do is to get all the XP drivers downloaded onto a CD/DVD/Flash Drive so that you have them available when you do the install of XP. I assume that you already have a genuine XP disc with a valid serial number.

Personally it is not something that I would do, I have been using Vista for a year now and it is the most stable system I have ever used. I have one machine that dual boots XP/Vista and cannot remember the last time that I needed to boot into XP. If it is UAC that annoys you either turn it off or use the Norton UAC tool click here

  Quiet Life 13:18 07 Apr 2009

Windows 7 free upgrade will only be for new machines similar to what was done for XP when Vista was introduced. I also recently reverted to XP as I simply did not like Vista and found it to be slower despite upgrading to 4gb of memory.
Windows Mail and then Windows Live could not be configured in the same way as I had Outlook Express and I was glad that I reverted to XP despite the problems in doing so. The short life of Vista indicates the general lack of satisfaction with this operating system.
I think XP will be around for a long time yet.
It is a bit like the Mac /PC situation it is how indivduals feel and for me I prefer XP to Vista.

  Woolwell 13:24 07 Apr 2009

The hassle of reverting to XP may not be worth it. Vista is fine when you get used to it. However it does need a fair amount of RAM. I think that you may only have 2Gb of RAM increasing that may make your experince more enjoyable.

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