shutting down the screen ?

  Ikelos 19:50 04 Apr 2006

Hi, on this laptop i have set it for the screensaver to come on after 15 min, monitor to go off after 20min and the HDD to go off after 25 minutes, and "never to go into standby" since a reformat and a reload of the OS it gets to the HDD shutting down for a couple of seconds then it goes back to the desktop and starts all over again...........any one any idea where i ahve gone wrong.............thank you

  Jackcoms 20:06 04 Apr 2006

Screen saver and Standby/Hibernation is linked to the graphics card.

Did you re-install your graphics drivers?

  Ikelos 20:14 04 Apr 2006

i did download the video drivers from the Dell website, is that the same thing...thanks

  Jackcoms 20:16 04 Apr 2006


  Ikelos 20:23 04 Apr 2006

thanks, oh well, back to the drawing board.

  Jackcoms 20:26 04 Apr 2006

You said you 'downloaded' the drivers.

But did you actually install them?

  Ikelos 20:33 04 Apr 2006

yes, that i did do, it was a self extracting file and it all seemed to go in fine, I put it in because when I scrolled down the screen the image sort of, rolled over it's self.

  Ikelos 20:38 04 Apr 2006

I suppose the monitor is suppose to go off before the HDD...........

  Ikelos 21:46 04 Apr 2006

it must have been a dodgy microsoft screen saver, just changed it for a 3rd party one, and now it all shuts down as it should, any way thanks for the help Jackcoms..

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