Shutting Down hangs in Vista

  Graham John 20:16 11 Aug 2008

Due to a problem trying to install a Windows Update (always fails) MS have advised me to uninstall SP1 in Vista. This I have done, which took an hour or so, the laptop went to 'Shutting Down' and is still shutting down after 2 hours! Should I just hold the power button and hope for the best or is there something going on which I shouldn't interrupt? Thanks in advance, Graham

  sinbads 20:46 11 Aug 2008

i would leave it as i remember installing sp1 did seem to take its time doing the 3 stages.

if it is taking its time and you abort could cause a problem

  mrwoowoo 21:14 11 Aug 2008

If desperate i just use the reset button.
But as it's an update/uninstall issue,hmmm.

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