shutting down

  goffin 10:59 08 May 2005


My PC (Mesh: AMD Athlon 1700+) keeps shutting down unexpectedly - the fan rises in pitch and then the PC conks out.

Have run anti-virus (McAfee) and anti-spyware (MS Antispyware, Ad-Aware, Spybot).

Have run MDM and CPU diode is registering at 184 degrees celsius. This seems high?

help please before I bumg the computer out of the window!

  Joe R 11:06 08 May 2005


at this temp, i'd be very surprised if your cpu, has not been fried.

It sounds like the fan on your heatsink has gone.

It is not very expensive to buy a new one, for this cpu, and it is also advisable to use a good thermal paste. click here

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  bruno 11:13 08 May 2005

Sounds as if the bearings on your fan have gone,as they get hotter the fan will seize and computer should shut off on overheat thermostat,may be too late as the previous poster said,very high temperature.

  Demora 11:55 08 May 2005

could also be that you psu is on the way out. And very easy to fix a new one.

I replaced my psu with a 450watt one and a new fan at the same time. Have had 12 months of good behavior in that area

  goffin 16:31 08 May 2005


cleaned out insides - loads of dust. all fans working. replaced PSU a few months ago.

i think machine could be going to knackers-yard - company willing to buy me a new one.

Ideas for a replacement (budget around £1000)?

  Joe R 17:10 08 May 2005


You will struggle to find a better buy than this. click here

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