Shutdown/Restart problems using XP Pro

  Logov 20:49 18 May 2004

I have been running XP pro on my pc for well over a year without any problems of this nature. Lately, however, the pc appears to shutdown properly in that the hard drive goes off but the system fan keeps running and can only be turned off at the power supply switch. As far as this is concerned I don't have APM and although I've checked on the "" website for relevant troubleshooting tips and tried the options none have worked.

This is where it gets very wierd. When I try to start the pc it appears completely dead. I check all connections over and over again but to no avail. In desperation I gave the case a whack and the fan started by itself. Sensing a glimmer of hope I pressed the power button but again the hard drive remained off. So I gave another whack and the fan turned off. Saying to myself "one last go" I pressed the power button and hey presto everything came to life. The pc worked perfectly until shutdown and the saga continued. For the last few days the only way to turn the pc off and then on again the next day is to follow the steps above. Nothing else all.

This all sounds very wierd and brutal and I don't want this to continue so what the hell can I do? Help me please!!!!

  Logov 12:21 19 May 2004

Any ideas could well be really helpful

  Logov 07:45 20 May 2004


  €dstowe 08:23 20 May 2004

This appears to be caused by a loose connection or what is termed a "dry joint" which is faulty soldering somewhere.

Each time a computer switches on it warms up and some parts move due to heat expansion. Likewise the same things contract when it cools down. There is also vibration from fans and from the mechanical movements of the hard drive and such like. This movement can cause connections to come apart after a period of time and result in the system malfunctioning. I've had it happen more than once that a drive has been lost after many years of working only to find that over the time it has been used the IDE connector has gradually worked itself out of its socket and the drive then disappears.

In your case it seems that, by you whacking the case, a connection is restored albeit only temporarily.

I suggest that you open the case and VERY carefully check ALL the connections everywhere in the machine. The motherboard manual will help in showing you "hidden" connections like those to fans and such like.

These problems are often very difficult to trace but, it is usually something very simple when you do find it.


  €dstowe 08:26 20 May 2004

Sorry, should have added:

Even though you check the connections, disconnect and reconnect them - this sometimes works.

If it is a dry joint on the motherboard, I think you can say goodbye to it as repairs are extremely difficult (but not impossible) to carry out.


  Logov 10:19 22 May 2004

Thanks very much for the above I'll check connections and hope the mobo is still intact

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