Shutdown and Reboot problems in Windows ME

  Me Myself & I 09:36 21 Jan 2003
  Me Myself & I 09:36 21 Jan 2003


I wonder if anyone can help me. 2 days ago my PC started acting very strange ( around the same time I updated the latest graphic card drivers from Nvidia.) or at least I think so. ( 41.09 )

Basically when I shutdown the PC to turn it off it shutsdown ok then 7-10 seconds later it reboots.

I am using the Windows Shutdown rather than reboot option but it still basically re-boots.

While I am using the PC it does not shutdown its all fine, ( which is good news )I can use the Pc all day and it will not crash / shutdown on me. Just when I got to turn it off I cant !! ( Without removing the plug that is )

I have tried removing the old drivers and then re-installing the latest nvidia driver again but it still happens. I have also tried reinstalling the old Ledtek Winfast driver and still the PC refuses to Shutdown properly.

I have searched on Google and on the Microsoft website but have not found any solutions that solve my problem.

I am able to boot into SAFE mode ok , so that would suggest its not a cable touching the case or anything like that, also as stated above I can use my PC fine all day, I just cant turn the damm thing off.

I have looked in DEVICE MAMAGER and all would seem to be fine there, ie all drivers seem to be working fine. So to the best of my knowledge no conflicting drivers ( although I think this is what could be causing the problem just cant find any )

I have checked for a damaged exit sound file and they all seem to be fine.

All Hardware seems to working no damage

I have tried System Restore, thats no good, I have also tried replacing my registry files from a floppy disc, that didnt seem to work either.

The PC is running Windows ME, 1GZ , 512 Ram ( using Cacheman ) grapics card is Winfast Gforce 2 MX 400 64 mg Ram

One thing I have noticed however is that after switiching the PC off after shutdown ( ie pulling the plug before 7 seconds have passed and it reboots ) The PC will not altermatically reboot afer I plug it back in, I have to physically press the start / stop button to boot up the PC ( Which I believe is a good sign ! )....I am stumped !..any comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks for any help

Me Myself & I

  Lozzy 09:42 21 Jan 2003

Sounds like when you installed the latest drivers you didn't disable you virus protection program and the drivers did not install correctly..

This is always a difficult one as it is your call but the only way I know to cure the issue since you have appeared to have tried the obvious remedies is a full reformat..

  Lozzy 09:43 21 Jan 2003

Hopefully some Guru here will help you find a way to correct without re formatting..

  satyr77 09:53 21 Jan 2003

There was a Win ME shutdown issue covered by a Microsoft patch.

As far as I can remember the issue was that the PC was attempting to shut down before all unsaved data had been saved to disk. I haven't (yet) suffered from this but remember the patch was on offer every time I requested updates from the Windows update site.

  Me Myself & I 10:17 21 Jan 2003

Hi thanks guys for your input.

Ok...I didnt have any antivirus software running as I know this can be a cause for concern.

Satyr77 I have also downloaded the patch from Microsoft which slows the shutdown process down in order for the Hardrives to save all data..But once again this has not helped matters either.

A reformat of the drive / re install of Windows Me is a serious last resort I dont fancy doing that unless I really have to.


Me Myself & I

  Stokey 10:45 21 Jan 2003

This happened to me after installing something, can't remember what now. There is hundreds of possible solutions if you do a Google -- really too many to try, would be quicker to reformat prolly. I tried some and gave up. Cured it by reloading ME over the top!!!

Always worth a try.


  Jungle 14:09 21 Jan 2003


  Me Myself & I 02:36 25 Jan 2003

Thanks for your comments, I tried a re-install of Windows ME over the top of the original OEM version ( I dont have the CD as its a OEM pre-installed version ). Anyway the install over the top enabled me to keep most of my programs ( Which was why I went for that option ) that I had loaded into the PC, whilst supposedly repairing Windows ME. However the re-install has not cured the it still shutsdown for appx 7 seconds then re-boots !

Should I just put up with the problem ? or do you think that a complete wipe of the hard drive by doing a fresh install of ME ( Is this what you actually meant that I should do ? )... Which is an option from the startup floppy runs from the C: Windows Cabs file I think ...Anyway do u think this would cure the problem. or should the re-install have done that if it was going to work ?

Thanks for your kind help

  Me Myself & I 00:09 05 Feb 2003

I have tried all of the Microsoft suggestions and a complete re-install ( ie not just an install over the top as previously mentioned in the thread )none of those solutions resolved my problem.

HOWEVER..The good news is I have found a way around my problem. This may work for other people and hence why I have written back.

I shutdown my system as normal by going to START>SHUTDOWN..etc and my system shutsdown fine. Now at this point I press in and HOLD the POWER BUTTON at the front of my PC for about 6 seconds. The PC tries to start then instantly turns off, and STAYS OFF...YIPEEE !

Its not ideal but at least its better than pulling the plug in order to stop restarts.

Hope this might be of some help to someone in a similar plight.


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