Shutdown Problem (End Program Window)

  Elmo68 14:28 26 May 2009

Hi Everyone,
I wondered if anyone else has or has had this problem when shutting down.
I'm running XP Home Edtion and when I click shutdown everything starts to close down and then I get a few "End Program" windows come up different ones sometimes and the first couple will run and close down without me clicking the end now button or cancel (which will take you back to windows).
But there is one with the heading End Program "McciAsyncEventMgrWnd" which after the blue scale goes to the end just stays on the screen and I have to click the "end now" button to get it to go and then it comes back again with the same haeding runs but stays there so I'll click end now again and blow me it comes back again all in all it takes three times to get rid of it.And then sometimes the computer will shutdown OK and others it will not and the screen is stuck on with none of my icons on it as they have disappeared but my wallpaper is still on screen but I can still hear the CPU fan is still running so I will have to press the reset button and the password page comes up that comes up when you turn on and I can click shutdown from there rather than typing my password in.

I have tried to look for the program by typing msconfig in the run programs window and have searched manually for ages to try and fined the program "McciAsyncEventMgrWnd" so I can get rid of it.I can fine Mcci programs wit other endings and the event manager with other ending but not this "McciAsyncEventMgrWnd".

I would be most grateful and appreciative if anyone could help me and show me how to sort out this problem for me.

Kind Regards

  Halmer 14:33 26 May 2009

Active Speed installed?

  Halmer 14:36 26 May 2009

1. Download and install "Spybot - Search and Destroy" click here

2. When it loads, click ok or cancel on the inital startup options until you get into the main program Window.

3. Under the "Mode" menu at the top, select "Advanced Mode". This will give you extra options on the left side menu.

4. Under "Tools" on the left side menu, select "System Startup".

Basically, this option will show every program that tries to startup with Windows.

5. Locate the "Performance Centre" and "AS.exe" entries (as shown in your event log) and untick them. This won't uninstall the programs, but it will stop them starting up without any risk.

6. Reboot your computer.

  Elmo68 17:17 26 May 2009

Hi Halmer,

Thanks for your reply,and no I haven't got active speed installed.
I tried what you said with the spybot I downloaded search and destroy and I needed to register but my Norton 360 said it was unsafe so I didn't go any further with as it was quite a bad risk to my computer something to do with malware so I immdiately uninstalled it so I am none the wiser I'm afraid but thanks anyway have you another way to sort it out???


  User-1229748 17:30 26 May 2009

spybot is a safe program but try this instead,download update and then can run it in safe the free version click here

  Halmer 21:50 26 May 2009

showing when you msconfig?

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