shutdown problem

  User-3ED538A8-F7D4-43C3-9A2D746F40E138CC 15:56 23 Jan 2003

I am unable to shutdown the pc. It keeps automatically restarting soon after the display "windows is now shutting down". I resort to switching off the power. No problem restarting when I switch power back on. I have windows 98SE. Thers has been no similar problem last 3 yrs. Have not added any new hardware or software recently. I am loathe to reformatt the hard -drive. Anyone got any suggestions. Thank you.

  Gongoozler 16:00 23 Jan 2003

Hi gameshare. Windows 98se is notorious for shutdown problems. Have a look at the Microsoft recommendations :- http: //;en-us;q238096. (I have put a space after the http: to prevent the link being corrupted).

  BigMoFoT 16:02 23 Jan 2003

Its not set to restart is it in the shutdown options instead of shutdown is it?

The tick is in the shutdown box

gongoozler - I am unable to access the link you gave.

  Gongoozler 17:51 23 Jan 2003

gameshare, copy the link and paste it into the browser address window. Remove the space after the http:, then click on "Go". It should then work. Unfortunately it is necessary to apply some sort of fiddle to Microsoft KnowledgeBase links, otherwise they result in part of the link being converted to a "Click Here", and part being left behind - like this click here;en-us;q238096

  Gemma 18:17 23 Jan 2003

My domestic PC (W98SE) won't shutdown from Start, Shutdown, Shutdown from time to time. However it will always shutdown from Ctrl-Alt-Del, Shutdown.

This applies to my office PC's too. Anyone have an explanation?

  bof:) 20:37 23 Jan 2003

hi All,

Flec posted this as a solution to Win98 shutdown problems sometime ago. I also had problems before I took his advice which is as follows:

right click any blank space on desktop
in 'target box' type in

c:\windows\rundll32.exe user.exe,exitwindows

click next

shortcut name...change to something like shutdown

press finish

* note there is a space between rundll32.exe and user.exe in te line you type in.


  misters 20:51 23 Jan 2003

Have you tried turning the exit windows sound off.

Thank you one and all for your quick responses. From some of your suggestions and browsing through the articles provided by the link by Gogoozler I decided to question my teenage son. He seemed to recollect that about 2 weeks ago he downloaded something called PC Booster and it had a 2week free trial. He had ticked a box for "fast shutdown 9me" or something similar - I recollect there was on article on this provided in the Microsoft link by Gongoozler. I removed the tick from this box and hey presto all is back to normal - until of course my son starts fiddling around !!. Thank you again.

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