Bonzy 15:02 26 May 2004

Hello guys, one of my pcs running Win 98 refuses to shut down. At the end of the day when I go to start, Shutdown, it proceeds to do so, goes blank for a few seconds, but then instead of displaying its readiness to be shut down, it restarts. What's going on? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  recap 15:22 26 May 2004

Check for viruses. Also check to make sure you have not selected "Restart" instead of Shut Down by mistake.

  hugh-265156 15:44 26 May 2004

try working your way through click here

  Johny C 16:22 26 May 2004

Hi Bonzy

I too had the same problem and i downloaded quick shut down, down load it and give it a go, it worked for me

click here

Hope this helps........john

  Stormpool 16:56 26 May 2004

If you are using a surge protector, take it off and test. I have found these sometimes to create a problem of the system rebooting on shutdown.

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