shutdown continual beeps

  [email protected] 09:15 16 Mar 2007

just had a scary experience, i have upgraded pretty much everything on my pc. las night i did a long burn in test to check hardware, all was fine, temps low etc.
i played wow on it for about 4 hours after no probs, i switched on this morning, posted my earlier thread, loaded a game and pc turned off, the power light stayed on and i was getting contuous beeps, nothing more.
i took the side off all fans were working heatsinc and grx card were almost cold to touch, but all i could get was beeps!
left it an hour and it started fine, and there are no error messages, been on an hours with no probs, but to a beginer this looks quite serious.
any thoughts

  Gongoozler 10:00 16 Mar 2007

Continuous beeps usually means a memory problem, sometimes confusingly a video memory problem. Look here for the meaning of beeps for different types of BIOS click here

  [email protected] 10:46 16 Mar 2007

it happened again, in the past 2 weeks i have had 2 video hardware problems reported, i have just resat all ram, cpu and sink, took grx card out cleaned it, was clean anyway, ran memtest, no probs, help the power in with cables removed, i have pc doctor5 and have stress tested everuthing no probs found.
im guessing grx card maybe faulty, i run xp and vista so maybe a driver problem? i will see how i get on still have onboard grx to try if problem reoccurs, again no error messages
thanks for reply

  Gongoozler 13:06 16 Mar 2007

If the beeps are there before Windows loads it can't be a driver problem. A few months ago I repaired a computer that kept having memory problems. Turned out in the end to be the motherboard that was at fault.

  [email protected] 13:23 16 Mar 2007

restored pc to a week ago, and as i sadi reseated everything, been running 3 hours no probs so far, fingers crossed, may have been my grx card suppose?

  [email protected] 16:12 16 Mar 2007

6 hours now, so i'll tick this resolved!
one of lifes little mysteries

  [email protected] 12:27 18 Mar 2007

ok, i have removed 2 of my 512 mg ramsticks and replaced amd hsf, and all my problems seem solved.
im guessing one of the ram modules is failing (intermitently) and now i dont know which one? lol crucial, pc doctor etc all said ram is fine and it seems to be a lot of the time, as the problem occurs on start up, (im totally guessing and a little bit stupid here!) that the ram in slot 1 is the problem as this is used first?
so i may try swapping the modules about as i dont know which is dickey, im currently running just the 2 modules and have restarted 10 times with no problems, i removed all the ram then randomly put any old 2 in mobo and all seems fine.
so what would you do? put the other 2 back? add another 1 (crucial says i can, ie dont need pairs) or leave alone?

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