Shutdown with ATX and XP

  adam123 09:13 02 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I have installed XP Pro SP1 on 2 different machines recently that were running 98SE. They used to turn themselves off when shut down but now with XP when I shut them down they end up just sitting at the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen. They both have ATX power supplies. My friend's PC switches itself off OK.

Help please.....

  bananaslik 09:30 02 Mar 2004

hi adam123 i have saw this before on ME & you had to turn it off manually at the switch on the front of your pc.i haven't heard of it happening on XP though.Did you do a full clean install of XP or did you put it on over the top of your old o/s ?

  temp003 09:35 02 Mar 2004

Try going to Power Options in Control Panel and see if there's a tab for APM. If so, enable it.

If there isn't such a tab, you may have to go into BIOS's power management options to see if there's an option for APM or ACPI and enable it.

  adam123 10:09 02 Mar 2004

HI again,

both were clean installs.

  adam123 10:19 02 Mar 2004


the BIOS indicates that APM is enabled, however in XP power options nothing is there to do with APM or ACPI. When I click turn off from the start menu the box comes up but the 'stand by' option on the left is greyed out.

Still help please :-(

  temp003 02:18 03 Mar 2004

Try a few things.

Go to Device Manager, click View, select Show Hidden Devices, and see if you find an item called APM/NT Legacy Node (may have to expand the categories, try expanding Computer, and System Devices). If so, double click and see if there is a way of enabling it.

If that doesn't work, or the item is not there, go back to BIOS settings and try disabling APM. I know it sounds strange, but that worked on my niece's computer with the same problem (computer shuts down but not powering down). If it doesn't work, re-enable APM in BIOS.

Otherwise, XP Setup may have determined that your computer hardware or BIOS does not pass XP's APM test and has not installed APM. See if there is a BIOS upgrade, apply the BIOS upgrade, and do a repair installation of XP.

Otherwise click here and scroll down to the section on Powerdown issues (your computer has shut down properly, but it doesn't power off).

  adam123 09:14 03 Mar 2004

Thanks guys, this lot should help load.


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