CFM56 16:59 15 Feb 2004

hi computers are new to me so this might be simple, (if you know what to do). while working on my p.c the screen completeley shuts down., then i get a squre box with no signal in it and my computer shuts down and starts up again. please help me someone

  PA28 17:19 15 Feb 2004

Sounds like your machine is continuously restarting. Can you give us a bit more detail please - an accurate sequence of events, any messages, Operating System, and any messages. Also did this occur after you did something with the computer - like installed something new, or had a system crash. Presumably it worked OK at some point in the not too distant past? The more detail the better so that someone can assist.

  PA28 08:35 16 Feb 2004

Please post details here, not via direct email, so that others may see, help, and if we can come up with a solution it'll be here for anyone else that has similar problems in the future.

  CFM56 12:49 16 Feb 2004

thanks pa28, the shutdown seems to occur when iam using winmx. i get no idea that my computer is going to close down the screen goes black. then i get this message that i have no signal. and my computer starts up again, without me turning it on

  Indigo 1 13:21 16 Feb 2004

So, are you saying that you get the multi colured box that says something like "Monitor signal lost, Check monitor cable" ?

And are you also saying that it closes down completly and goes through then entire boot sequence each time ? like when you first turn it on ? or is it different ?

  PA28 14:57 16 Feb 2004

Sorry to have to ask, but what is winmx? As you have identified a pattern, have you tried uninstalling it - it may be causing a conflict somewhere along the line. As Indigo 1 says, is the message that you are receiving "No signal" - without any other frills?

Please give details of your operating system (98/2000/XP?) and also (as it may be relevant) your graphics card and whether you have updated the drivers recently.

  ensonricky 16:30 16 Feb 2004

The monitor message is a red herring all that means is that no signal is being received from the base unit because it has spontaneously switched off. Check that you haven't picked up a virus. Otherwise it may well be a conflict as Indigo 1 suggests and an uninstall test then reinstall of Winmx file sharing may be the way togo, but check for a virus first.

  CFM56 16:58 16 Feb 2004

thanks for your help. how do i check for virus, i have zonealarm and i am on xp.

pa28 winmx is a music download website

  ensonricky 17:14 16 Feb 2004

If you don't have anti virus software load one immediately, Zone Alarm will not stop you getting a virus. Go to the Grisoft web site and download some free anti virus software,click here .

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