shut down and restart problems?

  mercedesjb 00:06 24 Dec 2005

i am running xp prof.- 512mb ram - barton 2500 chip.
Just recently the p.c. randomly shuts itself down.
also if you click restart' when un-installing a program etc it will not restart. when you press the power button on front of p.c. nothing!
the only way it will start up is if you switch off at back for 10 sec's and then press front 'start' button.

the core temp is about 71 deg and i have never messed about in the bios to increase speed etc its running at 1466hz.
norton doesnt seem to bring anything up

any suggestions?

  MAJ 00:15 24 Dec 2005

Your Barton XP 2500+ processor is running at the wrong speed, mercedesjb, it should run at 1833 MHz, so it seems that the bus speed is 133MHz at the moment, instead of the correct 166MHz. For a processor that's running so far below par, your temperature looks to be too high, possibly causing the shut down and restart problems. Look into your cooling first then reset the processor to the correct running speed.

  mercedesjb 00:21 24 Dec 2005

maj - thanks for your response.
however the fan on the cpu and the chassis bothseem to be working o.k.??
what would you suggest?

also how do you alter the 'bus speed?

  MAJ 00:31 24 Dec 2005

I wouldn't adjust the bus speed just yet, mercedesjb, it'll do no harm to the processor running at the slower speed. I would try to get that temperature down to (at most) 50°C first. Try running the computer with the side of the case off for a while, see if that helps the temperature. If the tower is sitting on a carpetted floor then raise it up on a couple of books maybe, to increase the circulation of air. See then if the temperature falls to a more acceptable level and if it helps the shutdown problems.

  mercedesjb 22:44 04 Jan 2006

Hi Maj

I have installed 3 more case fans - 2 inlet at front and extra exhaust at rear.
whilst i was switching pc on and off to make sure fans were working right way round, when i eventually started pc properly it went straight into bios and asked me to correct bus speed

i have now changed to 166 and the speed to 1866mhz

the core temp is now running at 66deg!

is this acceptable as the threshold is set at 75deg?

  sil_ver 23:27 04 Jan 2006

Might be worthwhile removing the cpu heatsink, cleaning the die and applying new heatsink paste. If that dont work maybe you should consider a better heatsink

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