To shut down or not?

  Jackcoms 10:32 06 Jun 2003

I am running a Dell with XP, 512mb RAM, 2.25Mhz, 40gb hard drive.

I generally tend to shut down the PC at the end of each day and turn it back on whenever it's needed. Becauase we are a family of 4 and pretty heavy users this means that the PC is generally booted up EVERY day.

From the point of view of wear and tear on parts, would it be wiser to simply leave our machine switched on 24/7 and allow it to go into hibernate mode overnight?

  Morpheus© 11:02 06 Jun 2003

hi, this has come up before, I rang evesham, and they said it does no harm to leave it on, so mine has now been running 24/7 for two years, i retart it every so often to clear out the rubbish.

they say it will last longer, than if you keep switching off and on.....

  Morpheus© 11:05 06 Jun 2003

retart should read restart, darn spil chucker is playing up.. :-))

  Djohn 11:10 06 Jun 2003

on this subject, opinions vary, some leave on all the time, others switch off when not in use.

I leave mine running 24/7, on the odd occasion I may switch off overnight. I think it is safe to say, either way is fine, and would think that the only method that is unwise, would be constant switching on/off many times each day. j.

  OneSirKnight 11:13 06 Jun 2003

A lot depends on your pc working environment but in general computer are designed to be able to run 24/7/52, more wear and tear is placed on your system by switching on and off,

  -pops- 11:21 06 Jun 2003

In some commercial situations the insurance company providing company cover insists that computer equipment is switched off overnight and/or at all times the premises are unattended.


  jbaker65 11:30 06 Jun 2003

Hi, there is no real harm in leaving on OR shutting down, but I find if my computer is left on for a long time, when I try to brouse the internet it tends to download slowly. I restart and it downloads quickly again. Your guess as to why is as good as any-ones. good luck, John.

  Jackcoms 13:01 06 Jun 2003

Thanks for your help, guys.

From what you say, I think I'll try leaving the machine on 24/7 perhaps only shutting down when I know it's not going to be used (when we're away enjoying 2 weeks on the Costa del Wotsit!!??) or re-booting ocassionally to clean out the crap.


  STEVE71163 13:06 06 Jun 2003

I asked this question myself a few months ago and decided in the end to turn the machine on first thing and turn off before bed as i did notice that dust does become a problem if left on 24/7.

  STEVE71163 14:56 06 Jun 2003

One thing i did forget to say is whatever you decide to do make sure you have a decent surge socket.

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