Shut down or leave on

  larryweir 22:19 20 Mar 2007

There seem to be a great debate as to whether you should shut your computer down when not in use or leave it running with the monitor of. Any advice.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:21 20 Mar 2007

Let it go into hibernate mode during the day; switch off at night.

As you say, there is a great debate and little to be added to it I imagine.

  MAJ 22:23 20 Mar 2007

As you say it's a big debate, I always turn mine off completely if I'm leaving it for any appreciable time, saves energy and the possible fire risk.

  larryweir 22:27 20 Mar 2007


  a.nonymous 22:29 20 Mar 2007

hibernate when not using it. speeds up boot time so much

  mammak 22:31 20 Mar 2007

Hi this is something that has been covered on the forum a number of times through the years, although in the past I have left my comps running even when not in use, I now tend to shut them down at the end of the night for no particular reason may I add, I do leave my Router on as it happens but I feel it is really down to the individual at the end of the day what you feel is right for your equipment. regards mammak

  p;3 00:58 21 Mar 2007

mine is NVER EVER left on or even attached to the BB internet nor the power supply when not in use; at the end of the day that is really the only safe way to be

and; if your comp takes ages (more than a minute perhaps, if not even quicker )to power up etc then it needs attention

  p;3 07:31 21 Mar 2007

and another point with this; if you leave the BB connection on and connected and lightening strikes
you may well end up with a fried pc
not worth the risk is it?

  wee eddie 12:36 21 Mar 2007

I switch off at the Belkin Anti-Surge Bar.

Also I usually switch off if I am likely to be away, from it, for more than 2 hours.

The main reasons for the debate were twofold.

1. In days of old considerable stress was put on components when they booted up. Modern components are considerably more robust or more tolerant in their design.

2. The power used to start up a system was the equivalent to a considerable period of consumption in most of the "Energy Saving" modes.
Again, component design has moved on but there is still a considerable amount of extra energy used when a System is booted from cold.

  larryweir 12:40 21 Mar 2007


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