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  User-DE0FD75A-D8BD-4CF8-91A89B975CB6753A 17:50 17 Aug 2007

I recently purchased a Dell 9200 PC preloaded with Widows Home Premium Vista and with a 320GB hard drive. A few days ago I downloaded a "GIB" bridge game from my earlier PC, via a CD but mid-download a pop-up appeared offering me a hefty update for "i-Tunes" which I promptly downloaded.
Exactly what happened next I cannot remember accurately but somehow I managed to freeze the computer. I then pressed "Ctrl,Alt,Delete" which used to work on my old PC.This time of course it didn't and I've no doubt I pressed other butons to get some response. As a last resort I switched off the mains and started over again.
On boot-up the information page which appears initially showed the following at the foot of the page:-
"Raid Volume Status Normal
Port Drive Disks Size Type status
0 Serial..... 149OGB Error occured
1 Serial.... 149OGB Normal "
Both these items previously showed "Normal" so I booted up in "Safe Mode" and followed the advice to use "Systems Restore" but, although everything seems to be working O.K., I am still stick with the red lettered "Error occurred" at every boot-up,
Do I still have a problem or, as all seems to be working, should I leave well alone ?
If I go back to Dell they will inevitably tell me it's a software problem and that I should contact Microsoft but to e-mail them would take more years than I have left. I would therefore very much appreciate your guidance please.
Aged P.

I'm pleased to report that this problem has now been resolved by the Dell Support Team who,after a couple of two-way e-mails, took over my PC and reconfigured "RAID". I am still within one year of purchase and was very grateful forr their assistance.

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